Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Saturday - Charles & Ogo

I spent the public holiday in Abuja for my cousin Charles' wedding and I can't even begin to describe the "epicness" of the 4 days. Aaaalll my favourite people (well a good majority anyway) were in town and we shut. shit. down.

No jokes we painted Abuja yellow and black for Charles Okpaleke and Ogo Adimorah

If you follow me on Instagram (@LoveTWP) you would have been able to see a bit of the madness, let me just tell you that that wasn't even the half of it.

Unfortunately it was such a freakin good weekend that my camera got caught up in the gbedu and decide to make a break for it, I am currently sans camera which really is quarter to curtailing my blogging career.

RIP faithful Canon G12, we had a good run.

My lovely friend Archie came to the rescue and the pictures you see below are as a result of her beast of an iPhone, any picture you see here that's slightly blurry was taken with my Blackberry. Now I want an iPhone, the pictures are amaze, boo to you Blackberry and your smidgy camera.

Now to the festivities!

First off Charles and Ogo gave us all the glory by pulling up with their ceiling missing and proceeded to slay every other wedding holding that day.

Then they flew Carl Thomas in to serenade them all special like.

I now proceeded to appropriate Mr. Thomas in my bid to constantly give them on Instagram.

I wish I had taken more pictures, it was a beautiful, beautiful wedding and it was probably one wedding I've been to that had the highest number of gorgeous people. No kidding, everybody was flat out good looking; outfits were banging, weaves were laid like Simba's mane, make-up was beat to heaven and back. Abuja people gave me all the joy I needed in life that weekend.

So now to my calling card, my outfit. Tope Abiola of Frockit Rockit did that!

I can't even tell the story of how this dress came to be, lets just say it was sewn literally in a day and a half, Tope took my measurements and did a fitting in my office bathroom, that's how dire the straits were and it is a testament to her genius that I shimmied into that wedding looking like the grace of God.

*yup...I said it, I looked goood dammnit*

Frockstar all day everyday!

Giving the people svelte hourglass with tons of sparkle

Adding a bit of a tease with an unlined back, I believe my tae-bo is paying off yo

*that is where tae-bo is really driving to Four Points gym with every intention of making my class and somehow finding myself parking at the Palms, next thing mysteriously standing in front of the Coldstone counter and before I know it someone is forcing a Cookie Doughn't You Want Some into my unwilling hands*

Looking into the distance, eyebrow slightly raised, a ghost of a smile on my lips thinking "Daks my may go forth and slay"


And slay my baby girl did.

100 watts!

Beautiful People

My friends showed up and showed out! Umu boys were confused, too many masterpieces in the building.

I hereby declare the TWP cattle market open, shoot me a discreet email if anybody here catches your eye, may the God of TNA do it for you.

Say amen.

*TNA is an acronym for a couple that met via TWP in 2011. He spotted her on my blog and the rest is history, they got married in 2012. This is the first couple I've ever got successfully to the altar, the others all crashed and burned, I am now firmly convinced of my superior matchmaking qualities* 

p.s. I now charge :)


Oyidiya aka Oy is a medical doctor, she loves working out and fro-yo and also speaks Hungarian...abi is it Romanian...something Eastern European sha.

Neks is taken, don't even think about it.

Anwuli is a UK/US trained lawyer. She loves music and loves to dance and she makes a mean jolloff rice.

Joke is taken, ta very much.

Ola aka Miss Ola is a soon to be lawyer, she has an IQ of something ridiculous and has the baddest bod in Bwari.

oooohhh Alliteration

Errrr Yoko is taken, NK is a business woman and fashionista, she has several older brothers that may fight you before you can win her hand but trust me, it'll be worth. Achenyo is taken, Adanna is taken.

Boki is the curvilicious Divanatrix, she loves wine, children and song (not necessarily in that order)

Nicole is a sophisticated lawyer turned high-flying ad exec. If you love to dispute the merits of Keats versus Shelley, this eclectic literary fashionista is your woman.

Initeme (on the right) is our hospitality bombshell, my Niger Delta babygirl loves her some down time and is a great homemaker.

Adaora is taken o, biko.

Doyin is very taken, my awesome sauce mother of two.

And Daks........Daks is still looking into the distance trying to find the best time to get up out of the damn chair and go for the wedding.

Happy married life Charles and Ogo, you guys gave me a weekend to remember.

Love and light xx

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  1. I gotta have your dress. I looove it!

  2. Heheheheheh! Daks I hope all these babes know about your plan to hook them up oh! You killed it in that dress!!! I need me some frockit in my life!

  3. lol....u are not playing o. Daks has turned serious matchmaker.

  4. awww beautiful, I enjoyed reading... but is DAKS taken? lol

  5. #1. HAWT DRESS!!!

    #2. LOL @ your matchmaking :p

    #3. I like the hair piece. Where'd you get it?

    #4. Eeeeeeeeeeeek! What happened to your camera?!

    1. 1) Thank you!
      2) My friends will murder me when they see this
      3) It was part of the accessories for the bridal train at my friends wedding, no idea where she got it
      4) It dissappeared! You know when you just don't remember where you dropped something. Last time I saw it was at Salamander, after that...nada. Too sad.

  6. Such a beautiful wedding...I heard and I def take your word for it. I love your dresssss!

    Lol, Daks the matchmaker. Ngwanu, lerrit begin...Go Titi- you got the word for her- great homemaker.

    1. It was the absolute business, thank you!

      Loool, I need to get into that professionally, I have a great database.

  7. Everyone looking gorge! we should turn this to a match making site! Love your outfit, especially the back of it, and your narration...LOL!

  8. Perfection, i love seeing beautiful people. And your dress.......

  9. Perfection, i just love seeing beautiful people!!! And this your dress is just d bomb. The guys must have been so confused, in the d words of blackmagic 'i see the different rainbow, which one i go take o'

  10. You look really beautiful dear and this post was so funny I cannot explain, excellent matchmaking skills.

  11. Beautiful people & lovely pictures all around, but you my dear, were gorgeous! Yes! You did slay in that dress & I am sure you made the designer proud. I love the humor you write with too. Keep on being the stylenspiration that you are. XO

  12. Lovely dress, very classy and exquisite wedding, beautiful people in attendant and lovely styles too

  13. LOOOOL! Daks ohh!! Your friends will beat you! Too funny! That dress!!!! SLAYED!!!!

  14. Adaku Ufere! You are a master clown!! The way you write like a damn, subtly sexy yet very interesting novel....I am female and i enjoyed this post so much like I sought a wife!
    This lines had me:
    "Unfortunately it was such a freakin good weekend that my camera got caught up in the gbedu and decide to make a break for it"
    "weaves were laid like Simba's mane, make-up was beat to heaven and back."
    "I shimmied into that wedding looking like the grace of God."
    "Daks my may go forth and slay"...Asin how does your brain come up with such lines though!? Too funny.
    Your dress is lovely and you looked amazing, hope you got atleast one Umu nwoke to change his geographical location to Lagos.....

    1. AS IN!!!!!! My thoughts exactly! Awesome post, i think its my best ever!!

      Meanwhile Daks, I saw how u subtly put yourself out about saving the best for last, Yeah gurl! I aint mad at you!

  15. HOT!!!
    As in FIRE!!
    Looking Beautifullllll.. As usual :)

  16. Beautiful people. Where is your headpiece from please?

  17. You're hilarious and that is one gorgeous dress. You did go forth and slay. Jisike cause slaying ain't easy.

  18. This is the funniest piece I've read from you.. Slay you did.. Surrounded by friends like that? Mbanu, nwa unu di okay..

  19. Slayed it. Bet where are the available men nah? Next post right?

  20. Daksssss nwanem! ROTFL!!! Beautiful dress, hair slide and just the right amount of makeup......I was in Abuja that weekend but not having as much fun as you were:(........ would have been nice to finally meet you.

  21. Gorgoeus dress!
    Beautiful people!

  22. Wow! lovely people, lovely wedding. I can tell you had mad fun, And as always your writing got me in stitches. Your dress is the biz, love it!

  23. I have died laughing! Awesome write up Adaku. PS: I'm loving that dress and hey! your non-Tae-bo is working!

  24. I just discovered your blog.... and all I have to say is WEEEEEEEEEEERK HUNTY!!!!...It was great to see lovely pictures from the wedding the blogs were talking about...

  25. Your really look lovely... I love, love, love the dress. . Please can you tell me the name of the church the wedding took place in?


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