Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Young World Nigeria

One Young World Nigeria (OYWON) is a movement birthed from the One Young World Global initiative promoted by young, intelligent and forward thinking individuals who wish to commit a portion of their very busy lives to addressing some of the critical issues faced by Nigeria’s present generation.
Taking Nigeria by storm, changing lives one person at a time, one day at a time, OYWON seeks to inspire everyone-young and old - to actively and consciously take steps in providing simple and practical solutions through viable and sustainable projects that create positive effects on the Nigerian society.

OYWON promotes the ideal of “ less talk more action” amongst Nigerians by pursuing a number of projects that adopt creativity, resourcefulness, measurable impact and sustainability at its core, initiated by individuals desirable for change, and supported by OYWON’s key resources and strength – the public.

In line with the need to address current issues with practical and measurable solutions, OYWON is kicking-off with the “Adopt a library project” which aims to facilitate the refurbishment of libraries in public schools and other locations, provide access to sufficient reading materials and follow up with activities to promote a drive for knowledge culture amongst Nigerian students.

OYWON will be liaising with the general public, volunteers, partners and alliances (OYW ambassadors) to facilitate collection of books and other school materials for use in Nigerian public schools and libraries as a means to:

  • Re-introduce a reading culture amongst youths in Nigeria
  • Support poverty alleviation through donations of reference materials
  • Support upgrade of educational system in Nigeria
  • Set an example to Nigerians on using simple measures to solve complex issues
  • Re-orient Nigerians to be accountable for the dilapidating educational system
  • Support the governments initiative for public-private partnership
  • Awaken consciousness amongst youths to “talk less and do more”
  • Engage EVERYONE for future OYWON projects

OYWON is setting off this project with Ilado Community Secondary School, Lagos after which they hope to sweep across Lagos. Their approach to carrying out this task will be to solicit for all genres of educational, inspirational and fictional books from the general public which will be used to equip the library. Where items other than these are required to put the library in place, they intend to solicit for assistance to acquire those as well. So to make their effort a success, here’s what they need :

Books: all your old reference books, textbooks, storybooks, literature books, dictionaries, language books, unused notebooks… All kinds of books!!!
Buckets of paints: white, green and blue
Paint brushes
Book Shelves
(in modules)

They have included on their website pictures of these items, prices and partnering companies that will be supplying them with the required materials (at great discounts!) as well as information on how you can get involved (even from the comfort of your home).

For more information on this project, please go to their website: Alternatively follow them on twitter: @oywon

For those who have already sent in books and others that have volunteered their time to help build shelves, paint, redesign the libraries or act as collection points for the books… Thank You.

Help for this effort cannot be exhaustive and we hope that YOU too can join all the other young, brilliant and positive thinking Nigerians that have volunteered their time & support to accomplish this task.


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