Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Oy With Love

First off I wanted to thank everyone that sent me property links in the comment section of my last post, you guys were a huge help, mwah!

Quick post because I wanted to show you guys one of my awesome birthday presents, this white, silk, mullet shirt from my friend Oyidiya. My boo Oy is one of the few people, if not the only person I think that can shop for me successfully. Since I met her I've acquired a purse, a playsuit, two dresses and this amazeballs white shirt and I love all of them to death. I usually have to plead with people not to buy me dresses or shoes or whatnot because more often than not I won't like what they buy but strangely Oy always just gets it.

Ooooh and she also got me a brown leather bow clip, I can use it on my hair, as a bow tie....amaze!

Another person who was ace at that was my mum, but sadly she's left me to my devices and no longer shops for me. My friend Molly has also seriously stocked my wardrobe over the years, I remember the first time we met at summer lesson, we never used to speak but somehow we would turn up wearing almost identical outfits everyday, our love affair was inevitable. When Mols first moved to jand, every couple of months or so I'd get an email "so call this number, my sister is around, I sent you stuff", *sigh* I miss being treated like a baby, now everyone expects me to be independent and shit.

Other people I suspect I would willingly allow to be my personal shoppers are my friends and bloggers Shally and Uzo-Stella, we weirdly have so much of the same stuff, clothes, shoes, bags, whatever. I'm pretty sure they would do me justice.

I'm totally into mullet tops and shirts recently, stuff I never thought I'd like before. The one's I'm still definitely against though are mullet dresses, short in the front, long at the back *yuck*, can't stand them. I dislike midi dresses too, dresses should be either long, maxi style or short or knee length, anything past the knee that doesn't hit the ankles should be caged and set on fire.


Went flat hunting with my friend Joke yesterday, still haven't found my dream space, this ish gats to be put in prayer, I have less than two weeks now.

Peep Joke's headscarf, I went Minnie Mouse ape-shit kerraazy when I saw this. I have never seen a scarf tied as a bow before, I was so inspired. Can't wait to try it.

Plus the neon skinny belt, my boo Joke Bello is always on point. Funny thing is we're about the same height and everywhere we go people think we're sisters, so we have this routine where we're twins, I'm Adaku and she's Adaobi. Guys get so excited by that.....smh.

Love and light xxx

My friend Hills took most of my pictures last week, she has this Samsung phone with the most faboosh camera. Blackberry cameras just need to bow their heads in shame where picture taking is concerned.


  1. You're freakin'Gorgeous.

  2. daks i seriously luv d shirt. n u rockd it well. thumbs up.

  3. Nice pictures. That lipstick looks nice on you. What brand/shade is it if I may ask? Good luck on the flat search.

  4. Co sign Anonymous- love the lipstick, what is it?


  5. u r most welcome baby. heehee. glad u liked it! looks FAB on u. love, hugs, and kisses.

  6. 2 weeks and u r homeless? Mbanu! We can't have that happen! Prayers are being intensified atm...on your behalf!

    The white shirt is gorge and so are you!

  7. Love the first pic. The red lipstick is fire! Funny you're friends with Joke. I always thought your reminded me of her. We went to the same primary school. Joke's looking fab too!

  8. The lipstick!! Spill pls. :)

  9. I can soooo dress you :p!!! lol..Love the shirt! goodluck with apartment hunting!

  10. @Teets, you're freakin awesome!

    @Ifeoma, thanks booxx

    @Anon 8.35, Thanks so much, its Ruby Woo by Mac

    @Mia, ditto xx

    @Oyizzle, you're the best my luv

    @Hazel, it is well in Jesus name o. Thank you babe

    @Andiva, yeah she's awesome. Small world.

    @Lohi, I'm sure you can! You always look so fabulous!

    @bugo, *now singing* Ifeoma....LOL


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