Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Another awesome post by my increasingly not so anti-Daks male contributor. Enjoy!

boy meets girl

boy immediately starts crushing on girl with a wanton craving

girl happens to be nice, sweet, stable

but the pulsing glow of boy’s love awakens a hunger in girl that she is unfamiliar with

she is desired. she is wanted

she slowly awakens to her power and control over boy

it is like a drug.

to her it is like ecstasy mixed with viagra.

A heady brew. An assault on the senses.

And the boy is completely unaware of the monster he has created.

But there is still time to tame the beast…but he doesn’t know that.

Instead he continues to feed the hunger.

He shuns his friends.

He is at her beck and call.

Reminding her daily, hourly, by the minute how he feels about her and how much he wants to have her.

Own her.

The problem with this is of course she not only wants more adulation, but one day very suddenly, the sweet libations pouring from his lips will no longer slake her thirst

She needs more.

Her need can only be satisfied by more men.

Different men.

Especially men that are not…him

Suddenly he is alone

and his love/lust/infatuation will eat him up inside like a cancer.

He will lose his innocence. He will hate her.

His feelings will harden into cold resolve.

He is now a bad boy.

One fully equipped to tame the beast.


boy meets girl

he really likes her but he does nothing to show it.

He is charming. He is witty.

He is a gentleman

He dates her, but dates other girls at the same time.

He keeps her at arms length until she learns to appreciate him

He doesn’t abandon his friends.

Girl sees a man who is confident yet aloof.

One that she cannot figure out.

She must know what he is thinking.

She has to know where she stands with him…

Is it love? Lust? Infatuation?

Oh she must know!

And so she tries to keep him.

Tries to wow him.

All those other girls whores must defeated.

She will show him that she’s better.

She will make him want her.

And when he finally does, she will be in control of him

He will be hers.

She must be victorious.

This is her motivation

The only problem with that is…this time…he knows.

p.s. Seeing as I got so many enquiries about this dude's identity after his last post; Date Night; I'm thinking a Giveaway centred around him, but a different kind of Giveaway.......I'm thinking a date.

With him....

I will consult the man himself on the technicalities, but let me know if you guys are receptive to the idea. If its a go it will have to be open to only people who live in Lagos as that is the domicile of my dear friend.

Love and light xxx

p.s. again. Birthday on the 7th! Yay!



  1. YES!!! Im so in! I want to meet this guy, giveaway details asap!

  2. Did I say Yes before? Lemme repeat myself. YEESSSS!!!!

  3. pS: the date idea is fab pity I'm not in Lagos. I would still compete though '..I must be victorious...this is my motivation..'..

    Okay bye. Lool..

  4. I'm not usually open to guys that write but this one sounds intriguing. Great idea, i hope he okays it.

    Love the post.

  5. Quick question..soooo what if the winner of your give away resides in the States, can it be deferred till the winner is in Lagos? :D

  6. *sigh* exchange the male for the female, and the post begins to make sense to me.
    Its men that start to misbehave and take women for granted when they are shown too much love jare.
    Pity im not in lagos, id have like to meet him, just to argue my point and dazzle him away with my brilliance

  7. @Stephanie, hahahaha. Unfortunately he's balking at the idea but I'm doing my utmost to convince him.

    @Lola, Lol, join me and say a prayer that he gives in.

    @Feyi, dude is getting too much love, I'm getting henvious

    @Taynement, ah, for you..I'll make sure he crosses oceans

    @Laurenta, I actually think both parties do that. Once someone gives you too much of themselves we start to take the person for granted, its human nature.

  8. •le sigh• If I wasn't so married! Dude writes up goose pimples!

  9. Happy birthday in advanced, seriously babe i would have loved to meet this dude....he is KIND OF correct u know? unfortunately for me Im not in lag...someday maybe!

  10. Daks longest time! I love this post, he tells it as it is and with the whole 'poetry like vibe' it reads so well and deep. I'm not in Lagos, darn. It still sounds like a good idea though.

  11. hmm...very well put. if i wasn`t in a committed situation, I for dey dia siddon look the guy for eye. i go tell am say `oya, collect. take me nowww!!`

  12. TWP matchmaking!!, now this islove made in blogger heaven!, *deep sigh* as I am not in lagos, sooo would have been a Yes!!!!!

  13. Awww very eloquent. iLike. Yes to giveaway, even though I cannot win..:(

  14. Am I the only one who thinks this guy comes off as a misogynist? Women are not wild wanton creatures to be tamed or subdued...I'm a little disgusted at this writing....

  15. Hewwwwaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oya Daks do the give away na.. LOL


  16. no. not interested. he's intelligent nd writes well, but he'll only play mind games (blank).


  17. ki lo n worry annoynymous bayi? Jo ko ara e lo da si bi kan jare!!!
    Ehen, TWP....khai! I reside in abj..sad!..however, keep this guy a mystery oh cos for me, the mystery heightens the craving ...just let us keep reading his writeups...happy birthday dearie...hey! u dnt know me bt cos I love ur blog, I love u too jare!!!

  18. misogynist? me? i am anything but :P

  19. LOL@ Anon. While i wouldn't go as far as calling him a misogynist. It does read like underneath all the 'poetry' he's just yabbing women.

    I'm rather amused everyone else is swooning. lol...Women!!

  20. I think it's the seventh there right? So, happy birthday! Your friend writes well and makes sense.

  21. Since there's no blog post today ama just say happy birthday under every post I can afford to. :)

    *running around your blog*

    Happy Birthday Daks!!

  22. hmm, he sounds like *a bad boy*
    I love me a reformed bad boy...;) too too bad I don't live in Lag.

    That being said, I can see this excerpt in a romance novel... he should think of writing short romance stories....

    ~Duchess O


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