Saturday, July 30, 2011

She Bites........

Another contribution from He Who Must Not Be Named. I really have to meet this girl he's always writing about, my dude is

Get ready for some violent sexy time........

She bites.
Not those little love nibbles either; I mean she chows down hard until it causes pain.
And it’s usually at the end of a kiss.
I start to pull away...
which I usually have to do...
she doesn't want the kiss to end...and for the record? Neither do I
but I'm also not trying to put on a show.
When we lock lips...we tend to get a little carried away...
So yeah, in the interest of public decency...I pull away.
She realizes the kiss is almost over and she wants to punish me for ending her pleasure.
so. she. bites.
The last time I think she nearly drew blood...
She's walking away and I'm standing there rubbing my bottom lip...really I'm checking for blood...
I catch up to her and say
"That actually hurt"
She throws a look over her shoulder
"You'll be alright"
I mumble something sarcastic and she stops dead in the middle of the mall turns to me and whispers
"You LIKED it"
I look down at lioness...and I grin
"Yeah. I did"
She starts off again...leaving me in her wake...

I don't mind. I like watching her walk.
its like a private dance...watching her move.
she doesn't even know she's doing it half the time.
When we have a lunch date, I like to get there early and pick a table far away from the entrance
so I get to watch her walk to me.
She doesn't know that. She just thinks I'm punctual.

I think my enjoyment of that will be curbed as soon as she reads this…

She also does these little things that she thinks I don’t notice.
Like dressing up for me.
No…no…not the naughty nurse outfits…
Although I don’t think she’d mind.
She’s a bit of a fashionista so she already throws out some crazy combos when she leaves the house
But when I say I like something?
She builds on it.
Her plan is to captivate, motivate, and titillate
Then she’ll see me and pretend she’s wearing a potato sack and that she didn’t see me nearly swallow my tongue.

She smiles at me a lot.
That smile is deadly enough in itself. I doubt many men have been able to resist it
The full wattage of her friendly smile is bad enough
But I don’t get that anymore…
Now I get the “im-satisfied-and-youre-responsible-for=this” smile
Boy oh boy…it’s something to behold.
I hope nobody else gets to see it because yes, I am that selfish.

She makes me work.
Yeah I know she likes me.
Probably a lot.
But I don’t KNOW how much.
And that’s the way she wants it.
I ask her out on dates, none of that “take it for granted that we are going out next Friday night” bullshit
I have to ASK
And come up with a plan.
And flirt. And woo. And work hard like I don’t know if i'm gonna get a kiss goodnight.
But as she so haughtily reminded me
I like it.

Oh I like it when we fight too.
But i’m not sharing details of that part…
But she knows why.


  1. The dude can right! Hehehe at the girl- it looks like she's got him lol

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  2. does this "mystery" blogger happen to have his own blog? He should, his writing is lovely. Makes you feel like you can actually see what it is he is writing about. :)

  3. Daks are you sure its not Himself that's the mystery you these verses??? Hmmmnnn,,,


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