Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank You King B!

I got a seriously awesome birthday prezzie yesterday, my Big Sister in my mind, Beyonce, premiered the video of 'Best Thing I Never Had'.

Don't be alarmed, I'm not delusional but again, in my mind, Beyonce released this video as a gift to me. Yes my mind is a weird and wonderful place.

I know I'm being flagellated daily for my obsession with Bey, but I have to gush again, she is sooooo beautiful. This video is more paired down, less theatrics, so simple. Her figure is bananas, her face is the business.....


If I come back as Beyonce in a next life I won't even be mad.

I was hoping the husband at the end would have been Jay Z but I guess he's too much of a boss for that plus its their privacy about their relationship that's kept it going so long.

Enjoy, my Beyonce Giiselle Knowles delivers every single time, the woman has never let me down.

p.s. pictures from The Birthday going up as soon as I can find the camera usb....and yes it was awesome.

Love and light xx


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, waiting for the pics. And I lurve Beyonce! She is the 'ish' in 'issue'.

  2. Oh my! Beyonce looks smashing. Flawless make-up! Great Song! and Happy Belated birthday Miss...

  3. You forgot her beautiful skin too. I love this vid. And besides daks i see you shaded my Happy Birthday tweet. It's cool, It's cool lol. nah i'm playing but hope u had a great time.

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