Monday, July 25, 2011

Weddings and Good Times

You guys will not believe the stress I've been under, had fun in London up until the last few days or so when it was just bleh, came back to Aberdeen and had to deal with the demon of looking for a place to live. So my lease at my current flat is up about mid August and trying to find a new flat has been doing my head in. Gumtree, Citylet, etcetera etcetera, I'm now a regular on those sites just in a bid to find the perfect house. I was initially looking for a two bed flatshare but I recently decided to just sod it and get a one bed, I'm not the easiest person to live with if you're someone who's haphazard when it comes to being tidy. Its best that I just respect myself and live alone before I poison someone because she didn't do the dishes.

So please, if you have info a one bed flat in the Aberdeen area, abeg use your church mind and let me know before TWP and her belongings will have to relocate to the street.

I know I've been dulling on the blogging tip, I just haven't had the motivation, way too much to think about for real, life changing decisions and all that but I wanted to post pictures from my friend Ejay's wedding last weekend.

The. Wedding. Was. Awesome!

First of all, the crowd was so controlled, there were exactly 150 guests, the ceremony was in a beautiful old church in Chelsea, after which all the guests were taken to the reception by red London buses that were specially hired for the wedding. There was a champagne reception before we were seated and they took this time to take the official wedding photos. Another really cool aspect was that she got a Polaroid camera and designated someone to take pictures of all the guests, these pictures were now glued into the Guestbook and everybody left a message on the page where their pictures appeared.

After cocktails we went to the seating chart and all the names and tables were there so we could find what table were were assigned to, got to the table and there were name cards at every chair to further avoid any confusion. When she and her husband walked into the reception, they walked in alone without the hordes of dancing friends that usually follow most couples in and block everyones view.

In short, it was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Very organised and planned to a tee, the only bridesmaids were her two sisters. I've always wanted a large, knees-up wedding but this one made me seriously consider an intimate wedding. Its no mean feat to get married and be able to identify every single person in the room. At a typical Nigerian wedding, some guests come in, eat, dance and leave without even seeing the couple or knowing who's getting married.

Yay for small destination weddings.

Not that I'm going to have a destination wedding, even if mine is small, its going down at St. Leo's Catholic Church Ikeja, the only wahala now is just to find a suitable reception venue in Ikeja........

Still no camera, all pictures are via my useless Blackberry Torch camera. I swear that phone takes the worst pictures ever, 5 mega pixel indeed

Ejay and Ceejay...and yes, that is her hair....and yes, it is all natural. Gawjus!

Ejay's personal style is so beautiful and she sticks to it no matter the occasion. Most brides tend to take risks or try different stuff when they're getting married but she stuck to her tried and true aesthetic. Loved it. Plus she had on no jewelery except tiny pearl earrings and her rings. I really need to learn that whole less is more ish.

She had no bridesmaids so she told all her friends to wear gold dresses, as a rebel I decided not to. Well not exactly, I searched for a gold dress die, but in this season of colours there were very few metallic dresses, the only ones I could find were not formal at all, more like club hopping attire. Times like this I wish I were in Nig, I would have just given them gold French lace sewed to my exact specifications by a Nigerian tailor.


Tried to compensate for not wearing a gold dress by OD'ing on the gold neck candy. Freedom by Topshop does a body good.

Earlier in the week she had a bridal shower/bachelorette party

Fear not, I'm not this skinny, this picture is lying through its lens. If you could see my bolocious self in my baggy track bottoms and Frosties t-shirt now you'd understand when I say pictures are deceiving.

As usual, wherever there's food, I'm usually not far behind and the lems were popping that night.

Notice the willy shaped straws, I felt tres uncomfortable using those straws, I'm not as liberal as I think I am for real, it just feels so wrong putting your lips around get me sha. I saw pictures of Kim Kardashian's bachelorette party and the willy straws at hers were brown ........yuuuuuccckkkkk. That would not even go anywhere near my lips.

Here's to blogging regularly, I'll try and get back on schedule and hopefully my housing issues will be sorted soon.

p.s. Ooooh you guys have to go see Horrible Bosses! Its ace! Absolutely hilarious, total home run that movie. I'm so happy for Jennifer Aniston, for the longest time its felt like she just couldn't get it right but with "Just Go With It" and "Horrible Bosses", I think she's finally exorcised the cursed spirit of Rachel that's been following her around.

Love and light xxx



  1. That wedding was just gorge! Re blogging regularly,do this challenge with me! Xx

  2. Nice! But once you are ready and need that venue in Ikeja, let me know... :D

  3. Go to Martin n Co, they'll hook u up.

  4. Haha at you not being able to put your lips on it. Plus I giggled at willy. brit speak tickles me.

    I am not one for accesories but I loved your necklace. You looked fab both days.

    Horrible Bosses was funny. The key to Aniston's success is being in an ensemble cast not the star.

    Goodluck in the flat search!


  6. Oh wow! Her wedding dress is lovely. I love lace and the look is so Victorian. Niceeee

  7. The bride is such a beaut. The dress you wore looks stunning on you.

  8. I noticed that most Nigerian weddings tend to be very disorganized. I've been to other African weddings and those tend to be a lot more organized- they really stick to the guest list.

  9. The Bride looked awesome...loved the fabric..

    You looked great as well especially at the bridal shower/bachelorette party.. Hope you find your crib soon.

    Hate and darkness.. :)


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