Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday 0707

I celebrated finally landing on the awesome side of 25 at an Eastern Fusion restaurant called Tuli London on Thursday, with a great concept where the buffet dinner was combined with a karaoke bar.

I LOVE karaoke, I have a truly disgusting singing voice but my inability has never dampened my ardour. I sing everywhere, while I'm driving, cooking, cleaning, walking....this of course is likely to cause aural damage to anyone within earshot, can't be bothered though.

So it follows that I'd be a huge karaoke fan, when I'm doing karaoke I get so caught up that I'll be playing air guitar during guitar riffs, jumping on chairs, generally rocking out in my own personal concert. Of course I sound dreadful, who cares though?

Maltina does, that's who.

Anyhoo all my loves; friends, food, presents and karaoke were all in one room on Thursday, I had a truly fabulous day, starting with all the messages, calls etc that I received

*sidebar* I always smirk whenever I see this posted on someones Facebook status after his/her's birthday "Thank you for all the calls, texts, bbms, tweets, DM's, fb status, telegrams, drumtalk, smoke signals, Morse codes etc, I received on my birthday. I'm overwhelmed by this outpouring of love, God bless you, yada yada yada". Nothing wrong with it, they're just being appreciative, but something about that message rubs me the wrong way. Feels like they're saying "look at me, I'm all loved by the people and shit". You only really get it when its your turn, the love I received was honestly truly overwhelming and from all modes of communication and social networking. Would have loved drumtalk though, wish someone would beat out a message for me, or send a town crier or something, Juffure style. (weird how the Roots mini series was so different from the book)

*back to regular transmission* On the real though, I'd like to thank everyone that wished me well, family, friends, fb friends, twitter followers and Mr. and Mrs. U for giving me life and ish ....little things like remebering someone on their birthday does a lot for ones state of mind. Also to everybody that showed up to celebrate with me, I love you all and my boos Nwabugo and Hilda for helping me choose the restaurant and keeping me company throughout and calming me down, especially when I gave my tear ducts some exercise and wept for Imo State.

Forgive the juxtaposition and clarity of the pictures, since I'm currently sans camera, I had to borrow pictures from about 4 different people that attended and took photos. Getting a camera is definitely on my to-do list, along with a million other things.

My baby Molly sent my cakes from Nigeria, well not technically from Nigeria, but she's in Nig and she ordered the cakes.....well you get my drift sha. Mols ensures I get a cake every single year, useful for cutting down on my birthday budget if I don't have to do it mysel, lol.

Love you Mols.

Good times.

Love and light xx

p.s. I got my iPad!! Woop! Woop!


  1. yayyyy! we had so much fun! see me singing

  2. congratulations. Is that ayoola thompson i peeped with the pink dress.

  3. Choiiiiiiiiiii I missed free food (sad face ) good yu had fun lof yu more ma pukie ......... Mueh Mueh

  4. karaoke any day is fun! glad u had a blast

  5. Love karaoke! Seems like you all had fun! Nne, I need you to get a camera biko :)

    Love you dress and the details!


  6. Happy birthday!!! Glad you had such fun :D Lovely dress too- you look great

    Adiya (formerly the corner shop)

  7. You looked gorge....Karaoke for the win, always! ;)

  8. looks like a fun day
    i am also a july baby
    looking forward to my birthday :D

  9. yay to dreams coming true w/ that iPad! amaZing :)

  10. Chei, now I know why I lurv your blog. I see my cousin in your pishure. Awww, she is the cutie with the fierce pout.

    Happy Birthday in arrears TWP. Wishing you many wonderful, fashionable years ahead. May all your dreams (plus the ones wey you no even know say you fit accomplish) come to pass.

  11. happy birthday in arrears. from the pictures you obviously had fun!

    Better days ahead and may your dreams come true as you begin this new year of your life

  12. happy silver jubilee in aries! and the ipod is a fitting birthday gift me thinks- hope ur siblings dont take it from you eh?

  13. Glad to know you had fun xxx..

    So Danielle was there as well.. Noice.

  14. Happy Belated! Clearly you ladies had a blast. and Congrats on the blog award nominee.


  15. Hope the cake tasted as delicious as it looked and you looked fabulous! Many Happy Returns. xx

  16. Whoop Whoop! 1985 RAWKS!!!! Happy Belated Birthday. Heart the dress!!:)

    ps: glad you got your ipad!


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