Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do The Side Slit

 Stayed up late last night watching the US Open, I won't say I'm a bonafide tennis fan now but its a pretty interesting game once you get into it and I totally get the whole "game, set, match" thing now. Congrats to Djokovic (sp?) btw.

Anyhoo staying up that late while snacking on garlic bread and bananas ensured I couldn't go to bed for the longest time so I started messing around on TWP and totally by accident stumbled on a way to make my pictures larger. I'm a massive blonde around computers or anything the least bit techy so don't even shake your head at the fact that I had no idea how to do this, I was soooo excited when I found out because I had zero idea how to do that before. So yeah TWPs on that massive photo p now.

Can I get a woop! No? Ok then.

Last week I went out to dinner at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridges with my friends Molly, Jackie, Kemi and Lovena. Prior to that I'd never dined at any of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants so I was pretty stoked to try it out, I was promised a culinary experience surpassing even that of my mother's Ofe-Ora and Mrs. U's Ofe-Ora is legendary so I was ready to be blown away.

My feet remained firmly on ground though, I barely even shifted talk less of been blown anywhere. It wasn't awful, it was just....I can't explain it, veering more towards the aesthetic aspect of dining than actual gastronomic satisfaction. Really pretty food, excellent service, surprisingly good dessert but I suggest you fill up on some pounded yam if you plan to dine there.

Trust me.

I was strongly channelling Morticia Adams minus the Cher length hair in my long side slit Zara dress

Forgive the sulky expression, I wasn't trying to give off supermodel vibes I was just starving from having been served five courses of rabbit food.

Smoky eyes, nude lips, slight pompadour....

Win? Non?

This is the actual Zara dress, from this photo I thought the dress had a single side slit but it actually has two, wasn't really feeling the two slits, might just sew one shut because the slits are quite high and baring one leg is enough, two is just a bit much. I felt like a faded cabaret singer trying to revive her career.

Liza Minelli anyone?

The dress is reeaally long, with long dresses though I'm a UK10, I usually buy a 12 or 14 just to get a longer length but with this one I bought a small and it was quite long. So unless you stretch up to 5'10 or 5'11 in heels you might look like you're wearing your big sister's dress because it would be like a train almost on a shorter person. Plus its very clingy and slightly sheer therefore it hides nothing, wear at your own peril.

*sidebar* Molly and I were cracking up at the fact that Zara uses really "straight" models to advertise their clothes so you won't even know how clingy a dress looks till you wear it and people mistake you for an akwuna akwuna. Cos they're so slim a total kpomilade dress will look demure on them till you put it on. Funny stuff.


Jackie of Fashion Mavericks, FM has two shows during London Fashion Week. The first one is this Friday, I'm so pumped to go, Kiki Kamanu is going to be showing and at February's LFW Kiki Kamanu show I got an ankara ruff in my goody bag, so I'm in there like swimwear this week.

Kemi and Lovena

Staying in the whole day watching Mega Power Ballads on MTV Classic, the Eighties were a very interesting decade by the look of these videos. Seriously interesting I tell you.

Love and light

p.s. Saw this photo last night on Jibbys blog, 'Life of a Fashion Student', of Angela Simmons in a Virgos Lounge dress at the Betsey Johnson show at NYFW. This is her second time wearing Virgos Lounge and I'm really impressed by the designers' ability to get their clothes out there.

What you may not know is that Virgos Lounge is also surprisingly affordable, I'm actually shocked at how affordable their clothes are considering how intricate their designs are. Where some Nigerian "designers" would sell a single dress for like N25,000, roughly a 100 pounds or more, you could get two or more VL dresses at that price. 

My friend Molly ordered two VL dresses and I love her choices, definitely copping a few very soon.


  1. WOW!I love your dress.Your make up is also banging!

  2. I love that dress.... have to go to zara before i go to naij :) and I love ur 'bigger' pictures was going to ask why u never did it hehe...xxx

  3. Babes looking fab loves the dress.Xoxo

  4. Morticia or not, you look gorge. Enjoy LFW!

    I'll def check out VL, I've been ranting on my TL about Naija fashion not being at all comparable to their foreign counterparts quality-wise, yet charging more. Una don see mugu, abi? Lemme carry my resentment somewhere else, tho. LOL.


  5. you look amazing!

    is it that super models pull off that fierce look because they're starving? lol

    I'm in love with the dress and th look!

  6. Really cute dress, i wouldnt have gussed it had 2 slits.


  7. Zara dresses rock, now they have an online shop...will check it out..girl you look good, you know I love when ladies dress in black, I think it's powerful..lol just me

  8. I love the dress...looking good, and you're hilarious!x

  9. The dress looks great on you though I thought it was a but short. If you were wearing heels, it would've looked really short.

  10. Lovely dress & makeup :)

    Virgo's Lounge are doing a really great job promoting their brand outside Nigeria.

    As captain of the ofun squad, I'm not surprised by your view on GR @ Claridge's. I went to Maze and wasn't wowed. Generally, I'm pretty sceptical of the GR empire and its various incarnations...although I kind of want to try Petrus...

  11. @ChicTherapy, thanks babe and thanks for the feature.

    @Jibby, lack of technologica know how is what caused it, so embarrassing.

    @Bimbo, thank you :)

    @Lamide, LOL 2 "una don see mugu". I know right, its so annoying, some are really good but the vast majority are sub par. VL is a breath of fresh air.

    @Jeneille, you know you just might have something there. Maybe they always look so fierce because they're secretly starving.

    @Mide, I know, was really surprised to discover it myself.

    @Destiny, thanks gurl, lol. We've always had online shopping in the UK so we can't really share in the US excitement at finally getting e-commerce. Happy shopping!

    @Nancie, awwww thanks so much dear

    @Myne, yeah it was actully shorter than I would have liked, but the large size though it was a bit longer was way too big for me. I was practically swimming in it.

    @CLC, I won't even bother trying another GR restaurant again. If its on a date its all good, as long as its not my money being spent there.

  12. I def loveee your dress. You look stunning. Virgos Lounge makes gorgeous dresses

  13. fierce! am loving the side slit babes

  14. You look nice! be easy on your eyebrows


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