Friday, September 30, 2011

Language Challenge

So I participated in Sugabelly's Language Challenge which is an awesome incentive to get people to speak their native languages more often. Y'all already know I love my Igbo even though I'm not fluent and my pronunciation is atrocious, so I was uber stoked to do this.

I'm currently recovering from a nasty bout of tonsillitis so my voice might be more Kat Von D than Audrey Hepburn but hopefully by the time I'm done with my meds my vocal chords would have straightened themselves out.

Audio Recording on Friday morning by ThirdWorldProfashional


"Hey Blogville, it’s your girl TWP, Omalicha 1 of Ndi-Amazu, the Ada Mazi of Arondizuogu and the only Asamkpokoto from Sokoto. Well not exactly from Sokoto, from Imo actually but I had to give love to my kinsmen P Square.  

I heard about this language challenge from Sugabelly’s blog and after listening to her own audio post I thought it was such a great idea and decided to attempt to do one myself, you see I used the word attempt because I’m not exactly fluent in Igbo. I speak more of a hybrid Igbo or Engli-Igbo to give it its true name. As long as you guys understand me I think we’re all good.

I haven’t been my usual joyful self because I currently have tonsillitis, it’s pretty much gone down now but between Saturday and Tuesday, I honestly thought I was going to die. My throat felt like it had ground glass in it and I literally couldn’t speak because it hurt so much. I communicated solely through written mediums and sign language, I kid you not. I finally managed to get a GP appointment on Tuesday to the glory of God and was immediately put on Penicillin and like magic at about Tuesday evening I was able to eat my first solid meal in three days. I’d been living on warm yogurt and indomie because those were the only things my poor bruised throat could swallow. Anyway praise the Lord for I am healed.

 Been taking it easy so as not to aggravate my throat any further even though I’m getting better which means I’m going to be a passive participator in all the Independence activities this weekend. And since I’m on severe antibiotics I can’t have a drink, not even cider. It’s going to be a long, sober weekend for real.

 I’ll def try and blog again this week if my health allows me.

Thank you for listening and please all the bloggers I tagged in this challenge make sure you do it."

*Decided against tagging anyone, if you feel like participating just go ahead.


1. It DOES NOT MATTER how well you can speak your language. The goal is to speak regardless. So don't worry if you don't speak that well or you have to include lots of English words. ALL language levels are welcome.

2. Video posts or Audio posts are strongly preferred. This is because the point is to hear and enjoy the spoken language. Written posts are frowned upon but will be accepted too. ^_^

3. Please always provide a translation for your readers of other ethnicities! Translations should be in English and can be in the form of captions under a video post, or written transcripts for audio and written posts.

4. Please tag each participating post as - language challenge - and post the link here in the comments so I can link to it and make all of them easy to find.

5. Please encourage other Nigerian bloggers to post in Nigerian languages.

Love and light xx
p.s. Was going to write "love and light" in Igbo but I drew a complete blank at the Igbo word for love. Someone please educate me.


  1. lol!! nwanne m nwanyi i supu go igbo gi ofuma oo!, acho kwara m ime nkem, kama enwe gi m blog :-(....chai gbake ofuma inugo, tonsilitis di njo! infact i gbakela n'aha jesu ami! (spelling in igbo is always brutal for me)

  2. Haha! Awesome! I really enjoyed listening to your entry.

    Thanks for participating! I've added your entry to the Language Challenge page.

  3. Daks this was lovely. I would say you are so good. I am trying to learn igbo now. A lil hard due to the fact i don't have a lot of igbo's around me often. I enoyed it and you did so great. I understand igbo but speaking it is like finding a needle in a haysack for me. I shall keep learing though. Besos.

  4. Oh wow..Tonsilities is not a joke o...Used to get it (atleast 5 times a year..yea imagine)...Finally had the courage to undergo a tonsillectomy!...worst pain ive ever experienced...Hope you feel better and getting alot of rest...

  5. I believe the igbo word for love is "ifunanya".

  6. Nne u tried biko! ah ah....yea u were giving us some engli-igbo here and there but some words in english, i can't even fathom the igbo Table, phone, computer, etc.

    Dunno why i always imagined ur voice would be a bit deeper than it actually is

    Good job, and i hope u recover soon!


  7. great job with the igbo! i was quite impressed because i am terrible at speaking igbo. sorry about your tonsils, hope you get better fast.

  8. Awwww get well soon dear. I love your language challenge post. Definitely enjoyed it. Ah! I need to be more fluent in Igbo o,lol. I'll do my best :)

  9. nne, u did very well, and i like ur engli-ibo, hehe, township stuvs. my igbo is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E,wish i could learn.

  10. Awwww Daks boo! My Yoruba sounds like your language....i speak it WOEFULLY! I have been told to keep quiet sometimes :( i still speak it regardless *YAY ME 4 NOT GIVING A SHIT*
    I do like the idea of this challenge though.
    I can like to get in on it asap.

  11. Asamkpoto m...afuru m gi n'anya

  12. i think d igbo word for love is ifunanya, light= oku or to capture ur meaning u can use sunlight = anyanwu... so it cld be 'ifunanya na anyanwu/oku'.... u sounded more fluent dan i xpected, gud job..

  13. I loveeeee!
    SMH and your complaining
    atleast I was able to pick a couple things and follow along. Your igbo twas good



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