Thursday, September 15, 2011

ELLE/H&M Fashion Network Event

I've had the weirdest luck this week, really good things have been happening to me with little or no effort and yesterday was no exception.

So last night I attended the ELLE Magazine/H&M Network Event, it was a unique opportunity to meet ELLE and H&M insiders and get the inside track on the industry, have an exclusive preview of the latest H&M collections, enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on purchases, indulge on Tanqueray cocktails and be entered into a draw to win a 250 pound H&M giftcard and London Fashion Week tickets.

Basically all that good stuff.

Blazer: H&M Tuxedo style blazer
Dress: American Apparel tank dress
Bag: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Urban Outfitters perspex brogues

Neck candy: Dorothy Perkins
Python bracelet and ring: Primark
Winged ring: Topshop
Watch: Gucci
Arm candy: mixture of Miss Selfridges and Indigo Boutique Lagos
Earrings: no idea

I didn't want to go all by my lonesome so I registered my friend, the very reluctant Molly, to attend the event with me


Fortified myself as usual before heading out. I'm such a dustbin its not even a joke, I eat like food is going out of style. Shout out to Mrs. U's awesome Mbaise genes keeping me trim, may my luck never run out n'aha Jesus.

So I got to the event first while Molly was busy inventing excuses not to attend, I literally had to threaten her to come. As usual with every fashion event this whole week, it was packed, people that were there just for the free drinks mobbed the bar.

There was a Style Talk by ELLE's Executive Fashion Editor, Anna Ogundehin, who was super super cool. Why are magazine editors so rad btw? I've always wondered if they were born that way or the job makes them awesome, like which comes first; the coolness or the fashion editor job?

A Top 10 mystery right up there with why the damn chicken crossed the damn road, we'll never know.

She's wearing the same H&M fur gilet my humble self also possesses, yay I have Fashion Editor type style know-how. I was actually really proud of that, you'd think I sewed the thing personally even.

The Talk was basically a short introduction into how to get into the fashion industry, Anna said she started out working on the floor at Paul Smith, then Fashion PR and now ELLE, very interesting talk sha, however everybody's mind was on who was going to win the 250 pound voucher and tickets to the LFW.

She announced the winner and my dear readers it was none other than this heifer

I could not believe it.

She didn't even want to come, I registered for her, before they even called her name Molly had wandered off somewhere out of boredom I had to go look for her to claim her prize.

As an awesome bff though, my darling Mols shared the voucher with me and one of her tickets and we got our SHOP on.

Remember that everything was also 20% off for people that attended the Network Event. I had absolutely no intention to shop when I left home that day and I ended up coming out with bags plus a ticket to LFW.

My cup runneth over.

The tickets, woop!

The goody bags. I've already learned to not get excited by goody bags, they are never that serious. At Fashion's Night Out, the Hermes goody bags had only catalogues in them, smh. These ones had the H&M catalogue, ELLE Magazine, a mini makeup bag, lip gloss and a python skin keyring.

Our loot at the end of the day.

The Lord works in mysterious ways y'all, so'm to be Chukwu.

Love and light xxx

p.s. Its so many awesome people's birthdays today, Happy birthday to my Aunty Kelly and my fabulous friends Ediri, Joke and Eniba xx

pps. Check out my feature on the faboosh blog and Winner Best Fashion Blog at the Nigerian Blog Awards, Chic Therapy HERE


  1. Can you say jealous in 15 different languages!!! not even LF Weekend tickets but the gift card waaahhhh!! You looked hot mami and you FINALLY put details of your outfit woohooooo and the owner of Indigo says 'ride on babe'!!!

  2. oooh love your jewelry! Looking good!x

  3. Wonderful post Daks ....speak of free cloths ...
    Awesome love the outfit by the way nice of your friend to share her win with you some girls would not have done that..speak of GOOD-LUCK Lmao
    I Want to go for london fashion week ...(Sad Face )
    Keep looking Fab Babe !!!xxxxxx

  4. Love your rings and Molly's bag! u guys were so lucky to win all that free stuff. btw how can anyone be bored at a fashion event? lol

  5. you rocked that jewelry girl and outfit, I loved the pieces...H & M is one of my favorite store to shop at, guess what , they going to open an online store in the U.S. sooner by late 2011/2012. How exciting right?

  6. YAH! It's lovely winning things...congratumalations! PS. Going hunting for my own fur gilet next weekend....

  7. AWW YAY! Daks!!!! Buy me a shirt!!!

  8. Ah! achoro m watchi gi like now!, biko send! lol lovely post and i love your outfit!

  9. ShopaholicExtraodinaireSeptember 16, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    Your friend is definately a girl after my own heart cos everytime she's featured here, she's wearing at least two items that I personally own. Today? My darling Melrose Avenue Vernis and Loubou Python pumps :-):-)

  10. Love both outfits! really chic. Lucky Molly, i'm jealous.


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