Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Wore: Fashion Mavericks Edition

One Outfit, Three Ways (sorta)
Encouraged by the fact that I had hammered the night before at the ELLE Magazine event, I decided to take my new osho free clothes for a spin. I never save clothes, I've been known to buy something and wear it out of the shop. Unlike some people I know who have suitcases full of clothes with tags on them

*cough* Molly and Hilda

Really, buying clothes and just keeping them has to be a sin, how people have the willpower to resist ripping off the tags and taking those babies out on the road baffle me.

Anyhoo, this look is loosely androgynous, based entirely on the long waistcoat. I detest full on androgyny, I admit some people rock it very well but its just not my thing. I was saved from pulling a Katherine Hepburn by my bum grazing leather mini. You can't have legs on display and look like a boy, impossicant. Especially legs of my 36 inch variety (yes I know how long my legs are, if you were my height and have as much trouble as I do finding the right size jeans you would too).

Left the waistcoat hanging open, realized too late that my delicates were on display *sigh* Well as long as the twins didn't make a bid for freedom I think my bride price is still intact.

and yes that is my hair hanging off the back of that oblong orb known as Daks' head. In case any of y'all thought I was rocking gorimaps under them weaves.

I belted the waistcoast and this was how I eventually attended the show, in some other pictures I took it kinda looked like I was wearing a school uniform. See why I hate androgyny?

This Look actually happened by circumstance. After the show, with my stomach leading the way Molly and I headed to The Mango Tree (have I said how much I love Thai? Maybe a couple thousand times) to have dinner and I gorged myself so much that belting was not an option anymore. I was a gross, fat whale by the end of the meal and well....lets just say I required a bit more freedom. This led to me having to untuck my shirt and then I randomly decided to button it all the way up and layer my necklace over it.

Ladies and gentlemen...perfection!

I loved it, it was giving me serious Alexander Wang vibes, I kinda wish I had worn this all day.

Oh well

Top: H&M shimmery, sheer shirt
Vest: H&M long waistcoat
Bottom: H&M leather mini skirt
Neck Candy: random store, can't remember the name
Arm Candy: Pamela Love studded bangles and random black Art Deco bangles
Watch: Gucci
Sunnies: Valentino wing tipped sunglasses

My booski Molly P!

Love and light xxx


  1. Loving the whole black esembles-- look 2 stole my heart...the use of belt, the twins popping (lol) and the necklace...done well! I like it, like it! :)


  2. Of all ma sexxy pilshures .(in ma mind ) yu have on ur china made camera yu choose the one where I look like a vampire / drag queen about to audition for Tru Blood ........KMT

  3. @JAF, thanks boo. lol @ stole your heart. That look does not sit well on a full stomach though, hella uncomfortable.

    @Molly, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, no be you want smokey eye? LMAO!!!

  4. i love, love the ensemble, all three ways rock!

  5. I so love your style. Care to be my stylist?? lol All three looks are amazing!

  6. You are very beautiful and I like all the pieces and looks :)

  7. Looking good is serious business...I also like the last look...Interesting how many styles you rocked those in.

  8. Love the 2nd and last look best. the 2nd is very chic and the last i love because i am a grobido, anything to hide the bulge is perfection!

  9. One word LOVELY!!! The Fourth picture toh quality.

  10. All styles are lovely. The fourth pic especially defines CLASSY.

  11. i love your outfit. You look stunning!!! Lol, just like me-i dont waste time when it comes to wearing anything new. I better rock it now im alive

  12. You rocked all three looks. the third look is my fav. i really like. thumbs up.

  13. Faboosh! Love the grey shimmery shirt. Have you blown the gift card or are you pacing it?

  14. Hi the whole look and your lipstick!! It' such a gorgeous, vibrant shade of red. Can you tell me what lipstick you're wearing please? Thanks!



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