Saturday, September 24, 2011

TWP Hearts Jini

Jini is a Nigerian label by young designer Ejeme Iluobe. I heard about her for the first time from her sister who's a friend of mine but it wasn't until I saw her designs for the first time that I understood what all the hype was about.She makes amazing clothes that are not only beautiful but are more importantly affordable. Seriously Jini is probably the most affordable Nigerian designer I've ever patronised.

If you are a regular TWP reader you'll remember this dress from a post I wrote last December, its totally one of my favourite party dresses, fun, flirty and imbibing the oh so hot trends of print and colour. As long as I can fit into this dress I will continue re-rocking it a la Kate Middleton.

Wore it out last night for my friend Kim's dinner/drinks do.

This didn't come out clearly, I was trying to show my cockatoo and frog rings. I'm totally into animal jewellery these days, snakes, owls, dragons etc. If it howls, barks, moos, neighs, roars etc; I will wear it.

This is a bit clearer so hopefully you can make it out. Gorge non?

Happy birthday Kimmie!!

Love and light xxx


  1. I love the dress!!! how do I get in touch with the designer? I've been into animals lately too, I'm glad I'm not alone.

  2. @Adesewa The number I have for her is from when I bought the dress last year. I hope she's still using the same number, if not you could google her, I'm sure there'll be some info online. Its 08070829698

  3. looking good and i swear the eyes are on point

  4. This girl. I LOVE YOU!!! You look like you'd be a fun person to party with. I love the way you combine all your different pursuits, academic and otherwise into one fabulous package. You go girl!

  5. love your hair, where did you buy from? Looking great

  6. I love the dress!!! Im soo proud of Ejeme.

  7. You look beautiful love! And your make-up in on POINT!

  8. Hi TWP,

    I like your blog, although I was once upset by your comment about wishing you were 5ft4 & chubby, so you wouldn't make an entrance. Well, i'm both and i like to think i make a royal entrance everywhere:p

    I just figured out pro-FASHION-al. I thought it was you trying to type in pidgin. Gosh!

    Anyway, lovely blog, always fun to visit. I wish you all the best:)

  9. TWP, u rock totally. you look like Nicki M in your last pic. Guess bcos of your bangs.

  10. some fierce bangs u've got. plus d cool colored eyeliner. nice.

  11. looks gorgeous on you and your make up is EPIC!


  12. you look awesome and its seem you are having a bliss

  13. You are beautiful and your style is incredible! Meet your newest follower! Kiah


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