Monday, September 12, 2011

Vogue's Fashions Night Out

Thursday, September 8th was Vogue's Fashion Night Out and I suppressed my natural aversion to crowds and chaos to attend.

It. Was. Mental.

Literally the biggest party in London all year, Fashion's Night Out is an event created by Madame Editrix herself, Queen Anna Wintour as a proper celebration of fashion. Matthew Williamson says FNO is about brand building and having fun with people who have a keen interest in fashion. It also acts as a precursor to both New York and London's Fashion Week.

It basically acts an incentive to encourage people to shop, luxury stores and High Street stores alike host parties that night, celebrity Dj's spinning, free champagne, canape's, goody bags, celebrities are on the prowl everywhere and it happens simultaneously all over the world. Everywhere there's a massive fashion presence; Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and of course the heavyweights the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

I never do this, but I got an email asking if I could list my apparel and accessories more often. I will oblige for one week only, if anyone wants to know where I got a particular item, email me and I'll let you know.

Top - DKNY plaid shirt
Gilet - H&M fur gilet
Shorts - Guess denim cut-offs
Bag - Ralph Lauren Epi leather tote
Boots - Office

So now that's over, lets get to it. I was out pretty early on FNO but that was because I had loads of errands to run. I had a member verification exercise at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a committee meeting at the International Bar Association (oui, I have a very boring other life as an over-achieving lawyer).

Once that was over.....PARTAAAAY!

Had to go fortify myself at first with dessert, chocolate mousse and a Bellini

I was on Oxford street at first but it was kinda dulling, so I headed to New Bond Street where all the luxury stores are and it was

The mass of people out was mind boggling, I literally couldn't walk more than 2 steps a minute, human traffic was overwhelming. Ran into Miss Jayla outside Hermes, she was at Coach earlier where she spotted The Gwyneth Paltrow, I made tracks over there sharply, unfortunately Gwyn (as I call her since she's my big sisters bff) was nowhere to be seen, I've deceived myself into believing I caught a glimpse of the back of her head or something.

Miss Jayla

This dude was just doing the mostest, everybody wanted to take photos with him.

The "D" emblazoned black cab outside Dior

An actual New York taxi-cab outside DKNY

The crowds proved too much for me at the end and I got way tired way too early, started heading home and would you believe it, on my way to the tube station I ran into.......

Wait for it.........

Drumroll please.........


Ozzy baby (as he said I must call him, I said I would only if he'd call me Daks *sigh*)

He's super tall, I was wearing heels and I'm already pretty elevated on my own and he still towered over me, I was impressed. He was sooo nice, in my excitement I botched the first couple of photos I took and he was patient enough to wait for me to find the right setting on my camera and take a few more pictures.

Daks & Ozzy

So that was my FNO, pretty fun. I doubt this would work in Nigeria because all the fashion stores are not concentrated in a single area like they are in the UK or the US but with planning they might just pull it off. To get from store to store might be a problem though, the traffic that day would be demonic and its not like "fashionistas" would be jumping okadas to get around. I think LPM, Fusion and the other monthly shopping events we have are mini FNOs on their own anyway.

I would definitely do this again next year, with better planning so I can hit all the good stores early enough,

Love and light xx


  1. i have been waiting for this post since u tweeted abt FNO. not dissapointed at all. love ur outfit :)

  2. was this aberdeen or london?


    Anyway. I very much liked the juxtaposition of textures and prints in your outfit- plaid and fur is a risk I'd never take, because I'm a loser, but you made it look fab.

    I am at work now. MY LIFE RIGHT NOW I- I must stop shouting. Sigh. Bisous.

  4. @NigerianGirl, thank you :)

    @Anon, it was in London

    @Mia, it sucked you couldn't come out. Hush woman, you're fabulous, you should totally try it. You won't know if it'll work unless you do.

  5. Lavvv the red lipstick. Very faboosh. FNO looked like mad fun. I was supposed to attend the DC version with my friend but the rain was crazy and we fashied.

  6. Ohh-La-La!!
    Can you say dark chocolate



  7. LOVE!!! Can't believe you met Ozwald Baoteng! Jealous! I agree, it won't work in Nigeria, maybe in a few more years. LOL! Looking good Daks

    <a href=">Neks2U</a>

  8. holy bird droppings! you met oswald Boateng! wow, thats cool! i am indeed jealous. i was just doing my usual oogling of his designs just a few days ago!

    if there were a nice malls with a lot of nice shops in lagos, there can be a mini FNO, some day.

  9. Holy bird droppings, indeed! Ozwald Boateng! In the flesh! So sad that London's FNO completely skipped my mind :(

  10. @Mgbeke Thanks boo, Ruby Woo at work as usual. Its an experience, you def have to go next year.

    @Glitter, lol, he's a hottie isn't he

    @Neks2U, I still can't believe it, still pinching myself, awesomeness. Thanks babe.

    @Anon, lmao @ "holy bird droppings", never heard that one before

    @CLC, its been on my calendar for YONKS, no way I could have missed it. There's always next year though

  11. Looove the red lip! Love the check shirt and I love Mr Boateng. However honey, I have to ask, how tall ARE you? You're so perfectly proportioned (really) that you don't look gangling @ all!


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