Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Beyonce!

It is a fact universally acknowledged that I am obsessed with Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, I'm not going to delve into the reasons as they are all pretty much obvious but I just think she's amazing. She's the epitome of everything I wish I could be. She has accomplished so much in just 30 years and miraculously managed to do it devoid of scandal.

Bey is just......perfection.

On this very exciting day, of which I'm spending it by eating cake and celebrating this momentous occasion via U-Stream with a hundred other devoted fans

*I kid I kid, my craze never reach that level*

I'm sure you guys have seen the 1+1 video, if you haven't please indulge yourself below on my Creole asamkpokoto.

In more #BeyDay celebration news, find below several Beyonce fun facts:

In grade school, classmates use to taunt her about her ears. Who's laughing now eh?

The word “bootylicious” was added to The Oxford Dictionary because her song of the same name became a phenomenon.

Beyonce was named after her mother’s maiden name. Her parents wanted to give her a name no-one would have.

Her mother, Tina Knowles is of French Creole descent.

Beyonce Knowles’ bodyguard once broke her toe after standing on it, while trying to protect her from a crowd of fans.

She is genuinely quiet and shy person.

At age 8, she was in a band called Girl’s Tyme.

Obviously, Bey is obsessed with the #4. Her birthday is Sept. 4th. Her husband Jay-Z’s birthday is Dec. 4th and they got married on April 4th, 2008. She also has the number 4 tattoed on her ring finger in Roman numerals (IV)

Her pet names her friends call her are Bee, Moth and JuJu.

As a child Beyonce charged her parents houseguests $5 to watch her perform.

Her label, House of Dereon is named after her grandmother, Agnes Dereon

Annnnnd the most amazing fun fact of all, In 2009, Jay Z...Mr. Big Pimpin himself took his wife's last name, his name is now Shawn Knowles-Carter.

Now that my dear profashionals, is love on a kentro level.

Love and light xx

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  1. luvvvvv it! ff back. jus did a mini post on her aswell. not as detailed as urs tho...

  2. Wow. He actually took HER name? That IS love on a kentro level!!!! Happy birthday Bey!

  3. Wow amazing Big Pimping himself took Bee's last name now that's def a love on a kentro level.

  4. Wow, he took her name?! That's deep.

    I saw your article on ONB & all the comments. Well done for putting yourself out there; it's not easy.

  5. my fav fun-fact? He took her name!!! Now, that's BOSS

  6. read your fashion business article. very nice. didnt know u did poetry or that u were published! good going girl.

  7. LMAO @ 'Love on a kentro level.' Jay Z has my respect on another level!!!

  8. hahaaha....u killed me with "love on a kentro level"... nice post

  9. HBD Bey, u r really a role model, free of scandal with a close knitted family.

  10. wow...I dint even know Jay took her last name...that is the ish right there!


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