Thursday, February 2, 2012


So I thought long and hard about what would be my first Giveaway of 2012, I know I don't do a lot of that so I'm aiming to be a more generous blogger and just share the joy with you guys.



The Virgos Lounge Jem blouse!

As seen here in all its glorious packaging languishing on my footstool, waiting for its new owner to come and give it a home and;

as seen here on the gorgeous Virgos Lounge model, so you can appreciate its beauty all the more.

Now, I've never really liked giveaways that involved clothing because of the size issue but I LOVE Virgos Lounge and I wanted to share some of the love with one lucky profashional. I got the blouse in a Large so it could fit a variety of sizes, if you win and its to big for you, a few minor adjustments will do the trick.

Now, le instructions:

1) You have to be following Third World Profashional with Google Friend Connect. For those of you who have asked, you don't have to have a blog to follow me. If you look to the right of the screen there's a sidebar and the second column of the sidebar is headed "Followers" and underneath it is a tab that says "Join This site". Click on that tab and you're golden.

2) You have to "like" the Third World Profashional page on Facebook.

That is all, just those two little things and you're good. I considered closing the competition to my friends but after numerous threats *cough, cough Nwabugo*, I've decided anyone can enter.....friend, foe.....anyone. I have nothing but love for my frenemies.

So the Giveaway starts on Monday 6th February at 3pm UK time, I'm assuming the North Americans would be well awake by this time. There will be a single question, the answer to which would as usual be in one of my posts. Tres easy. The Giveaway is international and not restricted to the UK like my last Giveaway, wherever you may be; Yenogoa, Bahrain, The Falklands......I will, with the help of Fed Ex, make sure it gets to you.

See you guys Monday.

Love and light xx

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  1. Gorgeous!!!. I definately should win this... i have the best, bag and jewelry. Oh my!!! fanning myself...

  2. Ur a star!! I was going to order for my b-day dinner in a few weeks!!! Fingers crossed...

  3. could you please put a link to your FB page? Nice giveaway!

  4. Is it 3pm jand time?

  5. Cant Wait!!!


  6. Wow...nice! I pray I win dat gorgeous blouse..

  7. Thank God I've found another pressie for my sis hehehe (its her birthday on the 6th) I'm a generous sisteh as long as I can borrow :D

  8. Yay!!! I need to win been eyeing that blouse!!

  9. you spelled yenagoa wrong

  10. Yup.
    Got my name written on it.
    I WANT!!!!

  11. There can only be one winner -me. Hehe...I kid, I kid.
    Happy February!


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