Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey Blue Ivy

This baby is stunning.......

and I'm not just saying that because I believe Beyonce is my sister in spirit, her daughter is beautiful. Most babies look like bald old men for the first 6 months or so, how does Blue Ivy Carter already look like a child model at 1 month? Like its ridiculous. She reminds me a little of Suri Cruise, her face was already so defined when she was a baby, even though she looked Asian, she had very definite features unlike most babies that only look like just....well...babies.

I see Jay Z, Beyonce, Mama Tina and Julez in Blue Ivys face, I don't think I've ever seen a baby that looked like any adult at just 4 weeks old.

Plus I love how the Carters are releasing all their photos themselves ensuring the paparazzi vultures don't make a dime off them.

The Carters are blessed.

This one of Beyonce as a baby side by side with Blue Ivys photo was such a "wow" moment; same dark hair, same skin tone, same brows......... Blue Ivys lips are def Jay-Zs though, lol.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Love and light xx


  1. such an awwww moment. She is totally gona be a beauty!

    Loveeee your blog btw :)

  2. I'm actually glad you posted the comparison pic..I'm still debating the preganancy in my

    But now that I see Beyonce as a child... the battle is slowy

    I like beyonce... I dont LOVE her... but..
    I LOVE the fact that she released photos of the baby in such a public manner. she is such private person that the act gives it more purpose than what it was...

    With that being said.. +2 points for beyonce.. lol

  3. Thanks for this post. I just wrote something to the haters of B & J on another site with all the debate about Bey's "false" pregnancy. I posted that people should compare the pictures of B as a baby and Blue. There is no doubt now that even if there was a surrogate mother the egg was definately Beyonce's and that is all that matters. If you longed for a child and had money which you and your HUSBAND made all by yourselves then why not go for surrogacy. Other people do. Anyway I don't believe all the hype. Some ppl are just jealous of other people' blessings. I love Beyonce because at least she did not marry out of her race. Congratulations to them.


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