Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bow Down

I know you guys have probably seen all these pictures as Mama Blue Ivy has been all over the interwebs this past 2 days but as you know we worship at the altar of Bey here at ThirdWorldProfashional so I had to pay homage personally.

Beyonce looks dangerous, like no mistake. She was always a hottie par excellence but the thickness on her now is just nuts. She looks AMAZING! I pray I look even half this good after dropping my twin munchkins.

She made her first appearance since giving birth at Jay-Zs 2 night Carnegie Hall appearance.

Night One 

Her kerraazy Louboutins, love these shoes; very Art Deco.

And to people still perpetuating the vile rumour that she was never pregnant, look at her fingers, like seriously. They are at least twice their normal size, if you're saying she's wearing a fat suit underneath her clothes (which I saw on some inane blog), is she wearing a fat suit on her hand? For the love of God stop disgracing your education by talking out your ass.

Blue IV of course. Watch everybody start painting their nails this shade of blue in 5...4...3...2...

Night Two

Hello Julius.....

Its pretty obvious Spanx is holding my girl down, she packed herself into those dresses, so I don't understand people saying its impossible to lose so much weight a month after giving birth. Awon Giselle, Alessandria and Miranda that wear barely there knickers and strut for Victoria Secret mere weeks after giving birth have never been hit with the "oh they were never pregnant" stick. Beyonce is looking fuller than ever and she's still getting flack. Oh well, she obviously doesn't give a toss about what's been said.

Love this woman.

Love and light xx



  1. i also don't get how people can say she was never pregnant. i mean look at her, she looks fuller, legs,thighs,hands, boobs, its obvious. whatever they like let them say, Beyonce rocks

  2. You d love this woman...She's looking great no doubt.

  3. She looks hot a friend of mine lost all her baby weight in 2 weeks, she went back down to a perfect 8!

  4. ohhh I Love u for loving this woman, I had a huge argument with every1 in my office today about these pics and d whole pregnancy rancour. Y they cannot just be happy for her is beyond me. Beyonce rules :-)

  5. Be6once can do NO wrong in my eyes,
    im a stan, and a proud one, haters would forever talk

  6. irrespective of whatever..this is a personal family matter.This is not about their careers where i can say okay as consumers we have a say. People need to back off. I mean can they not see how crazy they sound with these allegations? There should be a law to put crazy haters in asylums...
    Like u said, no one is asking those VS models if they were really pregnant


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