Friday, February 24, 2012

Supreme Chillin'

I've been taking this week tres easy, either staying home watching tv shows or doing the occassional lunch with friends. Conserving my energy for next week, I'm going to London and I definitely get little sleep when I'm there so I'm enjoying my joblessness now.

Speaking of tv shows I need suggestions for new ones to watch, if you follow me on twitter you'd know I'm the Ratchet Reality Show Queen, if its trashy, on VH1 and probably has the word "Wives" in its name I'm all over it, but I've exhausted all my favourites and I urgently need new shows to watch. I started New Girl and House of Lies recently and they were fantastic, House of Lies in particular; I stayed up till 5am watching all the episodes and though I still think Don Cheadle is vile and his whole demeanor screams sex symbol by force its still a very solid show, I highly recommend.

My usuals are Modern Family, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girls, Fringe, Any "Wives" reality show, New Girl, Game of Thrones, Suits, Spartacus, Greys Anatomy, True Blood, if you know any fantastic ones outside of these I mentioned pleeaase let me know, I'm desperate for entertainment.

During the week I did Nandos with my friend Amaka, I really don't get why people are so crazy about Nandos. I mean its alright but I've never thought it was worth the stress of leaving home to go eat there. I'll definitely cross oceans for TGIFs sesame chicken or Jack Daniels ribs though, definitely.


Love the hardware, another overworn item in my jewelry collection. 

I should really do a post on my jewelry one day......yay? nay?

Today I had lunch with my friend Titi at a surprisingly good Chinese restaurant called Zen, fab decor, great food, I was very pleasantly surprised. Aberdeen is quite the gastro-city but everything is so hidden and tucked away in these obscure areas that you'd be forgiven if you thought McDonalds was the only place to eat here but luckily Titi takes fine dining very seriously and she's constantly finding new places to eat.

The weather we've been having so far has been seriously mental, it snowed a few days ago and yesterday was so hot I was perspiring. Thinking today we would have repeat warm weather the wind decided to show me what's what. In this picture I'm actually being blown by the wind that's why I'm listing dangerously to the side, in case you thought my bad posture was as a result of my boozy  lunch, it was the weather.

Honest injun.

Aqua By Aqua Tan Flasher jacket
River Island striped blazer
H&M tank dress
Topshop denim cutoffs
Dolce & Gabbana aviators
Tory Burch flats

I'm excited for the weekend for no reason other than I can sleep late and be comfortable in the fact that everyone else is being as lazy as I am.

Oh and I'm taking my weave out tomorrow, can't wait to hit it with that creamy crack.

Hope you all had a productive week.

Love and light xx


  1. I think you would love the show Basketball wives on . You look lovely in that outfit

  2. try real housewives of atlanta and suburgatory

  3. try real houseswives of atlanta, love and hip hop and suburgatory

  4. I love your blazer. It's so cute. You should watch Say Yes To The dress. It's really interesting or Mob Wives.

  5. err, she just mentioned, anything that has wives in it, she is the queen...I'm very sure it means she has watched it... i would say something nasty but imma stop right here...anyways, love the River Island Striped blazer

  6. hehe 'wives' shows are d baddest! brapp! lol.
    try something new, though, 'vampire diaries'- i promise its not juvenile.

  7. @Destiny: I'm a BBW Miami & LA devotee, love them. Thanks dear

    @Anon 7.20 & Demmy: On that RHOA and L&HH tip already. If they're black and like to fight I'm a fan.

    @Demmy: Thank you! I just started Mob Wives last week, I usually watch only black reality shows but the Mob Wives are nuts, love them.

    @Anon 7.25: LMAO, please don't say anything. Thanks boo.

    @Sharpie: Tried a few episodes of VD, couldn't get into it. It seems to be really popular though, maybe I'll try again. Thanks

  8. I recommend surbugatory. that striped jacket is dope doh, nice outfit.

  9. check Awkward and Ringer,Secret Circle also if you like scary stuff maybe Walking Dead :)

  10. Check out Sons of anarchy Samcrow for short, Kurt stutter is a genuis.........

  11. If you like reworked fairy tiles, try Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

  12. CWTv is a great way to stay entertained with the likes of Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210, Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, Nikita, One tree hill and Ringer.

  13. I can't stop watching VH1 period!! LOL I can't wait for Single Ladies to start back up!!

    My all time fav is the stripped paired with pink! Too cute !!

    Now following!


  14. I'm as bored as u are! Just fininsed my masters too! So all I do is watch series and more series, eat, sleep and shop, pathetic, but trying to enjoy it while it last..

    Anyway, I really love Gossip girl and vampire diary, spartacus and desperate housewives.

    You could also try pretty little liars and the lying game,not bad at all,since you like gossip girl, and u might actually like their style of dressing,maybe pick a thing or two :), if not for anything else..

    U could try Touch also,it has keifer sutherland(24) in it, though just one episode is out, looks like it might be good also..


  15. i watch all the wives & vh1 shows as well, but you can branch out and try the following,they are not exactly ratchet and black women throwing drinks but they could be entertaining - the A list dallas, most eligible dallas, Project runway All Stars in on TV right now, this new canadian tvshow called 'the LA complex', jerseylicous. You can find all of the on 'watchseriesonline'. I love your blog btw xx

  16. Love these shows too. Am so getting addicted, so am not alone.

  17. Jewellery post YAY!

  18. i watch a lot of series as well. try Big Bang Theory - you'll definitely be happy that Sheldon is not your friend/housemate lol.
    What about Jersey Shore (the most ratchet of all the ratchet tv shows)

    pls jewelry collection - I want to know where u got that nail thing u have on this post from

  19. Try BONES!...if you like shows like 'The Mentalist' and 'House'...and lotsa other dry humour shows...Good luck!...x

  20. Nne i makazi. Asanwa..

    I couldn't stop staring at your Aqua by Aqua tan jacket its so gorgeous, wow.

    Okay so watch Homeland okay.. I love it and I'm sure you would.
    The Lying Game is also one of those Fall series from last year. Its cheesy though.

  21. I say Sons of Anarchy, Shameless, Parenthood, Homeland and Sherlock.

  22. was lovely meeting up with you hun. love ur blazer nd jacket tooo :)

  23. How you feel about TGIF. To me, its nothing to write home about. Between the various chain restaurants Chili's, Ruby Tuesday, Applebees etc, I think Friday's is at the bottom of list...

    But to each their own eight?

  24. goodwife,sons of anarchy,you like game shows?survivor, topchef ,and amazing race are my favorites.

  25. goodwife,sons of anarchy,you like game shows?survivor, topchef ,and itingrovamazing race are my favorites.

  26. as per series you should try vampire diaries, pretty little liars also

  27. you have to see Downton Abbey!!!

  28. you should check this blog for info on new series,novies and music

  29. The River, American Horror Story, Homeland, The Game..... good shows...but gosh,cant wait till April when Game of Thrones returns!


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