Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TWP Hearts Aqua By Aqua

Aqua By Aqua is an English brand that is not your typical High Street brand. For starters the majority of their items retail for over a 100 pounds and the bulk of their merchandise is sold online. Also they have only three stores in the whole of the UK, two in London, for menswear and womenswear and one in Leeds.

What makes Aqua stand out for me is that their clothes are very unique, they don't cater to trends. That is they don't do pastels and florals in Spring, colours in Summer, dark prints and muted colours for Autumn and glitter and sequins for Christmas. It feels like they exist in their own Brigadoon, completely unaware of fashion's repetitive kaleidoscope. 

Another plus is that when they do maxi's or trousers, they make them really long which I love. I am 6ft tall and its is a CHORE finding things long enough for me, which is why I buy nearly all my pants in Topshop because its the only store where I can find 34 and 36 inch trousers. When Aqua do maxis or trousers they literally sweep the floor when I wear them, I told my friend Stella of Stellas Addiction who is as vertically blessed as I am that Aqua is a tall girls paradise, if you can afford it, it is totally worth your while.

Finally, the best thing about Aqua is their ridiculous sales, when I say ridic I mean ridic. When they are on sale their clothes go down from like a 165 pounds to like 42, no jokes. I've only ever bought one item at full price from Aqua and that was my Fleetwood Maxi Dress, never again. I just wait for their sales and score amazing clothes at unbelievable prices.

These are a few Aqua items I currently own:

Fleetwood Maxi Dress from the Psychocardiogram Collection

Flapper Maxi Dress from the Spoiled Youth Collection

The first time I saw this dress it was a 175 pounds, I thought, hot but naahhh. Then Aqua went on sale in January and my baby went down to 42.50 and before all the size 10s could disappear I sharply snatched it up. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress with one helluva twist.

The bottom fringe part is detachable, like a separate skirt.

Mind = Totally blown.

All the things I could do with the fringe skirt sprang to mind; as a beach cover up, as just anything I fancied. I was just like whoa.

The seperate bandeau top doubles as a very long top, not a dress mind you or your bride price will go down to 5 cowries.

Cobra Rolled Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress from the Spoiled Youth Collection in Khaki

I've never really been a fan of mullet dresses, but this one spoke to me, I have no idea why. It also has a dropped armholes feature and an open back...beautiful.

Travolta High Waist Wide Leg Trousers in Stone

Another floor sweeper

Flasher Kimono Jacket in Tan

The mac to end all macs. When its untied this jacket is massive, like huge, I look like a brown bat when I'm in it and I love it. The dramatic effect is unsurpassed for real.

As we speak Aqua is currently on sale, 70% off for their old season collections and 30% off for their new season stock. I have my eye on the Egg Maxi Dress and Chuck Maxi Dress right now.

To buy or not to buy.....that is the question.

Shop Aqua By Aqua here

Love and light xx


  1. do i sense another giveaway? *bookmarks page*

    the outfits are totally awesome..especially the first dress.

  2. nice..that flapper maxi dress just looks amazing!

  3. I agree they are beautiful!!.. The website is amazing.. Great discovery.

  4. i wanted that flapper maxi dress so badly

  5. By the time I ran to the site about a week ago or so,Size 10 of the dresses I like had varnished. It wasn't funny at all.

  6. I love Aqua too... although i never seem to get my fave sale items in my size.

  7. I have the pants in Stone and Black, and absolutely LOVE them. Also have 3 of the dresses. Therefore, I'm going to chill before buying any more. *closes AquabyAqua page* LOL!

  8. I hate u so much for getting the Travolta trousers! I wanted them so bad but my size is sold out *wailing*

  9. hhmmmm ndi ji li ego.having holding group of company.i like all tempted but but i will pas..


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