Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TWP Hearts Topshop "Monkey" Necklace

I am just the teensiest bit obsessed with my Topshop "monkey" necklace. Got it for the absolutely ridonkolous price of 1.50....yup, you read right. It was on sale for a pound and 50p, I wasn't supposed to be shopping but I could not resist.

Worn here with my River Island leather and metal tipped collar.

Worn here, as a bracelet..

And in this rocking arm party

The green "bracelet" is also a necklace.

Worn here with a tank and H&M fur gilet


Love and light xx


  1. lovely necklace... tres cute
    you have a good eyes for unique pieces

  2. GOLLIE! Love your pixie cut
    Thinking of getting my hair cut short again and just feel inspired everytime I spot a short crop


  3. Lovely pictures! You are looking really very pretty in that black outfit. I liked that silver chain necklace. It is perfectly matching with your outfit.
    Newbridge Silverware Shop


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