Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best Of The Week

There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra

Chinua Achebes latest has probably raised more dialogue and caused more controversy than any book by a Nigerian author in recent times. I'd been waiting for this book eagerly for months and the day it came out on Amazon I downloaded it in a heartbeat without blinking at the extortionate price of £11.99 for an e-book. It fulfilled all my expectations. If like me you love history and are particularly interested in that of Nigeria you'll love this book and though I think the authors point of view and statement of facts are sometimes blurred into one it was an excellent read.

Solange - Losing You

Much as I love the other Knowles sister I can't help but feel her sudden fashplosion was a well orchestrated and thought out plan to distinguish herself from Beyonce. Maybe I'm wrong and her inner bohemian has been suppressed for years by Matthew Knowles in his bid to create Beyonce lite, but her style resurgence sort of began after she chopped off her hair and went natural. Suddenly she became quirky , started mixing prints, veered off the party/prom dress beaten path into high fashion. I've always thought that going natural somehow influenced ones fashion and lifestyle (or maybe people that are that inclined are pre-disposed to go natural....which came first, the chicken or the egg) but nowhere was it clearer than in the evolution of Solange Knowles. She went from rocking 24 inch wavy with a variety of shiny clingy party dresses to.......well what she is now.

Anyway planned or not I am grateful she 'found herself' and I think her style is dope AF and this video in particular is such a study in the awkwardly fantastical. I LOVE it! Have had the song on repeat since it came out.

Kudos Solo.

Tiwa Savage - Ife Wa Gbono

My darling omo Savage from Isale-Eko. I can't even fully express the depth of my feeling for h=this gorgeous woman. Voice box like the manger baby Jesus lay in (shout out to G2BR), face on point, hair laid like satin......everything A++++++.

Heard this song for the first time about 2 years ago in a mix tape she gave out when she performed at a Tuface concert and I sharply put it on my list of wedding songs.

This video was so beautiful, Bolaju Kekere-Ekun of 37th STate who directed the video knocked it out of the park and I am now inspired to tie a short wrapper a la Sisi Eko.

Great job.

Orange Culture at Ghana Fashion Week

Adebayo Oke-Lawal did his thing at Ghana Fashion Week and even earned himself a mention on the Vogue Italia website.

I especially heart this bright print dress.


Love and light xx



  1. Love Tiwa Savage!

  2. I be riding with thirdworld for the longest and she aint told me she done came back. Welcome back TWP.

  3. Great song and video from Tiwa.
    I've got to check out that Achebe book. Cheers*


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