Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Week I'm Loving......

...... Eclectic By Sasha

A fashion label by Nigerian female rapper Yetunde Alabi aka Sasha


I love the fluid, easy breezy look of her designs and I like that it doesn't necessarily look "Nigerian". The whole collection has a retro-esque feel that comes across beautifully without trying too hard.


These are my top picks from Sasha's 'Inception' collection

This is hands down my favourite outfit from the collection, the loud electric pink pants, the even louder geometric print shirt.....dope.


Eclectic by Sasha currently retails at L'espace 19a Olosa street Victoria Island.

Love and light xx



  1. I think I love the black dress.. Zara has similar but I just did not feel it the way I do this one! Maybe it's me..*shrug*

    1. Haven't seen the Zara one unfortunately, since I left London I haven't kept up on my high street fashion 😞. I really love this one though, perfect for those humid Lagos nights.

  2. I like this too...very nice collection.

  3. I will have to visit L'espace next time I am in Lagos. I love the red polka dot dress. It has this vintage feel that I like. :)

    I have an idea that I shared with Nneka of Nek2u. Since you are in Nigeria, we need to talk. I am not sure if I have your current number...please DM.


    1. You totally should, treasure trove of Nigerian designers.


  4. I absolutely love Sasha's collection. I am actually yet to visit L'espace. With work and every other thing my weekends are crammed to the brim. I need to find time to do that though.
    Really nice collection and I agree with Stella about the red polka dot dress.

  5. lovely collection! Seems you have resumed blogging in full! good to have you back!


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