Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Virgos Lounge + L'espace Event

On Sunday I attended the Virgos Lounge launch at L'espace and as promised it was a fun girls day out of cocktails, cupcakes and pampering.

Dress: ASOS. Belt: ASOS spiked bar belt. Shoes: River Island studded sandals (my Valentino Rockstuds in my mind). Necklace: New Look

Went with my friends Lin and Abi

Fab gourmet cookies by Cookie Jar

It was very unlike me, I didn't have a single cupcake and there were loads everywhere.

Yup, there were hand and feet massages to be had too.

Did I mention everything was complimentary? Cookies, cupcakes, drinks, massages.......so yeah next time you hear L'espace is having an event I suggest you make your way down there.

The Virgos Lounge stand

Beautiful People.......

Wonu & Isoken, owners of L'espace and LPM

Since I'm literally drowning in Virgos Lounge, I thought it prudent not to buy any more so I decided to branch out and try other Nigerian designers.

I got the amaze pink silk pants from Eclectic By Sasha (pictured in this post). I'd had my eye on them  for a while now and they were proper long, like I forget Sasha is quite tall too, thank God she took her fellow long legged girls into consideration. So yeah if you're tall go get trousers from Eclectic By Sasha, great length. Now I just need the geometric print shirt too and all will be well with the world.

I also got a gorge oversize chiffon animal print shirt by Clan  and a colour block print maxi by Rouge Vallari which has an amazing length too, another tall girl pleaser. My friend Joke who's as tall as I am also got one.

Will wear them on here soon enough.

Love and light xx


  1. Hey is your dress open back? Love it

    1. Yeah it is, it was just a little too open, felt a bit apprehensive taking pictures of it so decided to leave it.

  2. Looking good Daks...I am so sure everything sold out *Sob!* there goes my future amber blouse.....

    1. Nope, the Amber is still there. There's still loads of stuff, even if they sell out they'll def re-stock.

      Thank you baby girl.

  3. Looks like it was a fun event. Great look!

  4. What a gorgeous dress! Also, you refrained from indulging in cupcakes? *checks temperature* My dear girl, I hope you're not coming down with anything?!

    1. I don't know what's wrong with me!! I only had like 2 of the gourmet cookies too *wails*

      Could it be.......could I be turning into a health nut?

      I had copious lashings of drink though, you'd be proud.

  5. You know what, before you identified your river island shoes, I thought they were valentino rock studs so it is not just in your mind:-)

  6. i love your sandals..


  7. You look lovely. I heart your dress and belt.

  8. I love the polka dot dress. I have something similar from JCrew. I love the red lipstick...it looks great on you. I want that VL embellished front slight (whatever the name is...) skirt. I might get away with it due to this weird weather here.

    You are making me miss Nigeria :( I saw some CLAN pieces that I might like from the runway show; but I will love to see it in person. What are their price range


    1. Thanks so much Stella'm. I actually ordered the VL skirt,it's the Molly skirt.

      CLAN is nice, it's a lot of fun, flirty pieces. Their prices range from about 7k to 15k, from what I saw though. They may have other items that are more expensive. There's a play suit they have for 9750 that I know you'll just die for, so beautiful.

  9. Lovely dress. Love that necklace too.

  10. You looked tres cute!
    That polka dot eclectic by Sasha dress would be nice o. I likey.


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