Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Instagram causes at least 70% of my blog laziness, I'm hardly even on Twitter anymore, the Instagram community is far saner and definitely less least for the moment.....

Here's what I've been up to on Instagram.........

Trying to be vampy, yay? nay?

Jewelled heels at Miu Miu

Jewelled strap bags at Miu Miu...bee-yoo-ti-ful

Some of my jewelery, love jewelery trees

Short hurrr don't currrrr

Chilli prawns, red curry duck served in a pineapple and special fried rice. Dinner at Reeds with my fave

Picture from Fashions Night Out at the Marc Jacobs store with my boo thang Ags

Wicked was words for the awesomeness

Instagram @thirdworldprofashional

Love and light xx

Thursday and Friday are public holidays in Nigeria so I'll be taking a break till after the weekend. 
See you guys back here on Monday!


  1. Dont! That the more reason you should be here sef!

    1. Lol, Instagram gives quicker updates that's why and sometimes after I've put a picture up there I don't want to put it on the blog anymore.

      Depictions, decisions

  2. but not everyone is on Instagram na.....

  3. You made me download the Instagram app last year when you mentioned it here! when recommended refinery29 too...I remember odd

  4. Love your short hair. Love, love love! What weave is it? And did you make it Nigeria? Totally saving the short hair picture for future purposes. :D

    1. I used Remi Saga, but that's because its an old weave I wanted to get rid of. When I get the short hair done I usually use Premium 2. No need buying expensive weave just to cut it up.

      Yeah I did it in Nigeria at Bobby's Signature on Ogundana Drive off Allen avenue in Ikeja.

  5. Hi d pic of u at the fashion nite out event. I want want want the whole Where did u get them from. I'm tall like u (ok mayb u r a lil taller than me. Lol) I'm sure I can pull it off too. And ur shoes look nice. The lil I can see of them.

    1. Lol, thank you. The blouse and skirt are by Virgs Lounge and the shoes are from Kimchi Blue.


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