Monday, October 29, 2012

Work Chic: Graphic

Posts might be a bit uneven this week, I had a hell of a weekend and my week is similarly packed so I have loads of pictures to upload and subpar internet to do it with.

Shirt: Primark. Trousers: Topshop

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, Primark does some alright shirts.

This summer when I was getting ready to move back I got caught up in the shopping for work frenzy and I made sure to get tons of separates. I actually prefer just being able to put on a dress and go as opposed to mixing and matching separates but the downside to a dress is that it is your entire outfit and the re-rocking has to be properly spaced. Whereas with a blouse, shirt, skirt or trousers you can re-rock them in totally different ways.

Since I was buying in bulk I hit up my old faithful ASOS and stocked up, then I happened to pass the Primark storefront in Westfield Stratford and I saw this black polka dot shirt with a studded collar that I wore in this post. I didn't even know when my steps re-directed themselves from the Victoria Secret I was heading to into Primark. I checked out their shirts and they weren't bad at all.

My problem with buying cheap chic is usually the longevity and the tailoring, I love a bargain but I also want to rock something that won't shrink at the first sight of a washing machine or have random threads hanging or just look

We all know Primark has disgraced many a girl in that aspect.

I think the last time I even went in there was to get a hair doughnut which they sold for 1 pound as opposed to Boots which sold theirs for 4 pounds. Trust Primark, the hair doughnut somehow managed to separate itself from its moorings and I thought if they can't even make a good hair doughnut how can you put your sartorial fate in the hands of a store even lower on the fast fashion totem pole than Wet Seal or Charlotte Russe.

I decided to risk it and buy a bunch of blouses and I can say so far I am suitably impressed, apart from a loose button which I sewed back on they've held up remarkably well and they also look really good.

So yeah step away from your comfort zone sometimes (in my case Zara), you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Love and light xx


  1. So true! Primark has stepped up a little bit.

  2. they have stepped up their game, better quality, slightly higher prices. they have some really nice blouses

  3. A lot of people miss out on some good stuff at Primark. Especially their blouses. It just depends on how well you keep them. Like sewing back buttons and hand washing them. But generally they've really improved.

    - Chinaza.

  4. When would you be updating your TWP Shop... So looking forward to that...

    1. i'm so sorry guys I really should have done it ages ago and I have the clothes already put aside, I'm just so busy these days. Hopefully it'll get done in the next couple of weeks.

  5. hahahahaha! Primark oh Primark! I see they have really stepped up!

    Lovely blouse by the way.

  6. These shirts are cute, especially that black polka dot/studded one. Ya know, the one time I visted primark during a trip to that UK end, I was pleasantly surprised. Folks on the internet have slandered it so much that I thought it would be some ratchet store, but that wasn't the case. Would def go back again.

    1. I think its more of they make so much of the same stuff, you can spot 20 people in one outfit plus the quality can be horrendous sometimes. For basics, its def a good buy and now as I've found out, for blouses too.

  7. Some Nigerian backgrounds can just 'injure' pictures.. Love the pants!

    Nice one Primark (shirt)..xx


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