Thursday, October 18, 2012

JBL vs Boxing Kitten

I'm not one for controversy, on TWP I tend to stay away from anything that might offend, I do enough of that in my personal life.

A few months ago I wrote the blog below but decided against posting it but tonight my friend Stella of Jadore-Fashion noticed the exact same thing I saw and drew the exact same conclusion and called my attention to it.

I'll leave this one open for discussion.

In November last year I viewed photos on Bella Naija from the Jewel By Lisa S/S 12 'Vintage Love' collection, as usual it was a slam dunk. Beautiful fabrics, gorgeous designs....all round A+.

See one of the dresses from the collection below

Beautiful right?

Now a few months ago I saw pictures of the Boxing Kitten Fall 2012 collection on the Fashion Bomb Daily and the fabric used for a dress in the collection looked very familiar

It is possible they may have used fabric made by the same textile company, in Boxing Kittens case; made from Wax Print as opposed to the more opulent fabric used by Jewel By Lisa. I've searched online but I can't seem to find any connection between both designers textile suppliers, I'm not sure if there's even restriction on Intellectual Property when it comes to textile usage.

Just thought it was a little odd though. Both dresses, side by side again

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong and there's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Love and light xx



  1. It's odd, not because of the fabric, but because the same fabric is used in almost the same cut. Only differentiating factor is sleeves. Hmmm.

    1. I don't get it either and the Boxing Kitten photo was widely circulated, I saw it on the fashion bomb daily, so I don't get how nobody from JBL has seen it. That's why I thought it can't be an infringement since I hadn't heard anything about it.

  2. But the fabrics are different though. They both have an X pattern but still different. Not taking sides, but i'm sure even JBL was definitely not the first to use an X-patterned fabric. Restriction on Intellectual Property when it comes to textile usage???? That will be prety difficult as that means YSL might be the only one allowed to use velvet with sequins on it and other examples. JBL uses wax print quite a lot as I've got 2 of her pieces. Now, should others who have used those particular patterns before her sue her too? I dont think think she uses custom-made fabrics so until then, let them all keep sewing for us their customers.

  3. Sorry but this looks like a blatant rip-off to me. Barring the sleeves, they're identical right down to the neck line. Since Boxing Kitten is so African print oriented, I fail to see how they could not be aware of JBL and their latest collections.

  4. Ada Mazi, biko forgive my 'bushness' oh, but can that be classified as infringement? Especially if the fabric pattern isn't an exclusive design...or is it? I feel that's the challenge with fashion! Is it not possible that two people at different ends of the world design similar things at about the same period? Who claims infringement?

  5. This fabric is vlisco. Next time you are on Lagos island you will see millions of people wearing the same print.


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