Friday, October 11, 2013

Best Of The Week - Viral Videos

The internet is the devil, that is a truism beyond the shadow of a doubt. For someone like me who is a new media advocate, in plain speak I'm confessing to being a social media addict. I have seen all sorts of amazing things, but nothing beat (literally) this video I saw yesterday.

Apparently the gist is that the guy in the video invited some girl up to his apartment and his girlfriend aka Alpha Female Before Whom All Alpha Females Must Bow caught him and proceeded to school him in the act of You Don't Cheat On Your Girlfriend 101.

Basically this man knelt down on the ground and didn't do diddly squat while his girlfriend proceeded to slap the beejesus out of him...repeatedly. Now I'm not saying he should have clocked her, but I was very confused as to why he didn't just get up and leave, run away even.

Lets analyze this 6 minutes of comic gold here, I have so many questions for these people.

Why didn't this guy just get up and walk away, like did she super glue his knees to the ground (I'm pretty sure she's capable)? Does she have something on him that makes him unable to challenge her. Why on earth did this man (and I use the word very loosely) just allow himself to be wozed like Jesus didn't die for his sins.

Why did the Mata Hari of this tragi-comedy just stand there mute like her tongue was on layaway? The chick renounced the power of speech that day and did not say pim. Who can blame her, if his girlfriend could beat him up in the middle of the street what on earth would she do to the girl he was allegedly cheating with. I mean if she couldn't protest her innocence why didn't she just leave? Are people unable to walk away from The Girlfriend, what kind of supernatural powers does she possess?

How is it possible that this slip of a girl in Harry Potter glasses has the SOLID BRASS BALLS to beat up a man in the middle of a busy street for suspecting he might have asked another girl up to his apartment? The girl was fresh out of phucks to give and she let everyone know it.

I mean after a while I actually let go of my disgust at the man's whimpers and started to feel sorry for him. What kind of life is he living with such a harridan of a girlfriend?

I don't condone violence at all, this is mainly because I have no stamina and would lose very badly in a fight so I just don't bother, its easy to take the high road when the alternative might involve scratches to the face, permanent injury etc. Basically I never fight so I can't imagine hitting a man like what I just saw above, hitting anybody for that matter. I just couldn't. And Lord knows I won't allow myself to be attacked like this, I'd run away, of course throwing some choice insults over my shoulder but I know mad people and that girl is a few cards short of a full deck, no way I'm hanging around to see what else she can inflict on me.

In awesome contrast, peep this beauty of a video below of a telekinectic prank plaid on some unsuspecting people.

What. A. Trip.

And this one of a Miley/The Roots/Jimmy Fallon acapella version of We Can't Stop.

I really don't care if the girl lets her ass hang out for the world to see, I love We Can't Stop....unashamedly.

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  1. #1. The girl was arrested for domestic violence/assualt :p
    #2. I LOVE Jimmy Fallon and The Roots!!!

    1. Jesu! She was?

      Well she deserved it, that was one of the most humiliating things I've ever seen. Poor guy was just begging for mercy.

  2. Oh and BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the coffee shop prank. Reposting on my blog!

  3. "..Allow himself to be wozed like Jesus didn't die for his sins" LMAO
    I love u Daks.

  4. LOL.. I could not understand why he just knelt there really. This was so annoying to watch though and the other girl just stood there being mute. This is clearly an abusive relationship. But I hear she was arrested or something of the sort.

    The prank!!! Hahahahahh!!! Nice!

  5. Bwahahahahaha! The prank had me stitches!! I'm surprised no one there had holy water to water board the devil out of the lady.

  6. This is just dreadful and every so often she looked at her if she had somewhere to go and was running late....

    The prank in the coffee shop was hilarious

  7. for real I just posted on my BBM that i liked miley's new song. I am always embarrassed to say so lol but i cant look away from her antics. She entertains me and her songs are good . * covers head in shame.

  8. despite my attempts to stop, i really like miley cyrus, i try and try not to . :) when i am listening to "we cant stop" i make sure no one is around me


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