Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Guardian Life Article 6/10/13 - Hot Right Now

Changing seasons in the great fashion capitals of the world have once again dictated shifting trends and since Anna Wintour is the Holy Roman Emperor of the Fashion Universe, this change in fashion choices reverberates from New York to London to Milan to Paris and to us here in Nigeria.

Luckily we are not burdened with below zero weather, and don’t have to indulge in buying fall coats, boots or gloves. Our nod to fashions ever dynamic yet still strangely static cycle is restricted to adopting the darker colour palette, stronger prints and more sunny weather friendly attire.

Animal prints roll out from around the beginning of October like clockwork. From leopard to cheetah to giraffe to zebra, the feline fashionista is spoiled for choice. This being the 21st century animal prints are no longer limited to their natural hues of brown, cream, black or white but can be found in more unnatural colours such as red, green, and blue.

Take a walk on the wild side below with this House of Nwocha leopard print dress with structured shoulders.

Leather naturally calls to mind Hell’s Angels, Sandy morphing into a bad girl in the last scene of Grease or James Dean doing his best curled lip impression.

Modern leather is so not the Fifties ideal and oh so different
These days leather panels as part of a shift dress; such as the ASOS dress below, show a bit of edge without losing its ladylike appeal and a leather pencil skirt is perfectly primed to take you from the office to Rhapsodys for after work drinks.

One of the most precious metals in the world gold never loses its appeal. Looking for a way to warm up your skin tone and add a muted glow? Pile on those gold necklaces. Trying to dress up a dressed down look? Matching gold accessories make you look like you just stepped off a Learjet
Excessive or muted, gold works ever which way.

Fall (or in our case Harmattan’s) hottest lip shade straddles the colour spectrum from burgundy to deep brown to berry.

Dark lips give the face an otherworldly glow and it is best to keep face clean and eye make-up minimal to further enhance the deep tones of the lipstick.

No need to go full on goth, if you’re apprehensive start with a deep brown shade and work your way up to the deep violets and berry’s.

My personal dark lipstick shade recommendations are NARS Tanganyka, MAC Rebel, Revlon Black Cherry.

Whether you’re strolling through the Highlands or just walking into that office building in Marina you will want to be seen in plaid.

Plaid shirts, skirts, dresses and accessories are rampant right now in all shades and patterns. Like this plaid dress with ruching below from ASOS.

I recently took a dip into the ombre hair pool and I have only good things to report. I’ve always been a strict dark hair girl but retained a fascination with blonde hair. Since I am too chicken to go full on Barbie I started out slowly by experimenting with ombre hair.

The effect can be achieved by bleaching the tips of your hair, this should be done line by line so by the time the hair falls straight the colour is layered through the hair therefore looking like the shade goes from dark to light gradually.

I personally found it enhanced my complexion beautifully, not sure if it’ll work the same for everyone else but it is definitely worth a try.

Rihanna can be personally credited with driving the camouflage resurgence. With her collaboration with UK High Street chain River Island consisting mainly of camouflage, the battle fatigue print is experiencing a definite revival.

Camouflage brings a lot of toughness and edge to any outfit.

Seeing as River Island now delivers to Nigeria, you can get a piece of the action by ordering online.

Serve the people Bianca Jagger realness in a classic monochrome pantsuit. This look is clean, crisp and understated yet packs a major amount of oomph.

Wear with an inner blouse, shirt or cami in a corresponding colour for a fabulous three piece monochrome effect.


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  1. I currently have ombre hair on right now, but in braids. I dont have the mind to bleach my real hair. Pictures on here on my blog


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