Monday, October 28, 2013

Guardian Life Article 27/10/13 - Perfect Guest

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Nigerian Wedding Season aka December is around the corner and with bbm display pictures, Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and Instagram pictures congratulating one newly engaged person or the other you know it’s going to be merciless starting from December 1st.

Besides being burdened with contributing to bridal showers and souvenirs you also have to contend with finding the perfect outfit. Whatever your mission may be at that wedding; to accidentally on purpose elbow the high jumper beside you in the face as you dive for the bouquet to the thumping beat of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’. To show other new mums how your body has snapped back after childbirth. To run a steady stream of slander against everyone around you. To find The One amongst the sunglasses clad, suit wearing, inebriated groomsmen…..

Whatever your reasons for clutching your Access Card like your life depended on it and stalking into that venue, you’d want to do it looking like the baddest chick in the room.

That’s where Aisle Perfect comes in; it’s a daily wedding blog providing chic inspiration to the discerning bride. Created by a hopeless romantic, AP inspires through real love stories, the latest in wedding style, planning tips, and much more. It's your one-stop shop for a stylish ever-after.

Wedding websites have recently crowded the Nigerian cyberspace but the first and the best to do it; shows us how to own an event by providing weekly outfit inspiration for the stylish wedding guest.

For the Native Wear Inspired Guest

For the Glamorous Guest

For the Avant-Garde Guest

For the Supremely Ladylike Guest

For the Romantic Guest

For the Super Chic Guest



  1. The traditional and the green one, remain my best! Love them Kunbi

    1. Thanks Hun and Woop AP on TWP .. Thanks Adaku xo

  2. Native wear Guest is so me!!!!
    Nice Nice!


  3. one of my favorite features on Aisle Perfect :) all so nice!

  4. Very lovely collection.its inspiring too.

  5. Saw and liked all of them. I can't choose which one I like best

  6. Those heels tho..*whew'..I can't even walk in them to the gate of my house...Daks sorry for me na....Warribabe

  7. Love them all.....can't make up my mind.......

  8. Love the second lool

  9. OMG! the Avant Garde and Superchic !!!!! So in love.. SO me..
    That Romantic one could do with my legs though..

    Wish I could pluck em out of your blog.

  10. Glamorous and super chic calling my name!
    Lots of weddings this Xmas. No strength to shop for new clothes. I might just ....


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