Friday, June 10, 2011

Asa Concert

Last night, Neks and I were invited to an Asa concert by my friend Yvonne. I'm pretty neutral about Asa, I mean I like her but I don't really get excited, after last night though I have to admit the woman can sing! She sounds exactly the same live as she does on her records, the only other artiste I knew that could do that is Adele. Adele's live recordings sound even better than her studio ones. It turned out to be a really fun night in the end.

I was really surprised at the amount of fans she had, especially the white ones, they nearly outnumbered the black ones plus they knew all the songs and were singing along....babe is international.

Quick question, at what age did Asa move to France? I ask because she speaks English like its a foreign language or she just learned it. Its quite alarming. I understand your accent changing when you move to a foreign country but to assimilate to the extent that you forget how to speak that's just odd.




Another entry into my Cocktail top 5, the Amaretto Sour, it joins the White Russian on the list of cocktails I can ingest without gagging. I think I've mentioned on here how I was born without the alcohol drinking gene, I didn't start drinking till I was about 23 0r 24 and I only started because I was tired of always ordering Fanta or Maltina and staying stone-cold sober the entire night while everybody around me descended into serious merriment. I truly, truly don't understand how people become drunks, alcohol is icky, its bitter, I don't get how people enjoy it. My friends have been on a mission to find the perfect cocktail for me, everybody knows of my Fanta/Maltina addiction and they've been trying for years to convert me to one of those people who unwind with a glass of wine after a hard day.

This of course has proved impossible.

I've been known to shame myself terribly by happily drinking "soft" at formal events while fellow "adults" are cooly drinking champagne. I've tried sha, alcohol is not for me men. Even though I can manage the very rare glass of wine, champagne or the above mentioned drinks, anybody who can buy me a crate of Fanta or Maltina will have my heart.

Got my shatter nails done today! I'm soooo excited, I've wanted to do this manicure for the longest time, I'm def going to buy my own O.P.I. Shatter Polish before I leave. Its really easy to create, you just apply the base polish in any colour you want, (I chose black) and then you apply the shatter polish (I used silver) over the base polish and it just starts to seperate, creating the shatter effect you see above.

Next stop, Minx manicure.

I have 3 days left in NY, I can't believe I'll be in dark, gloomy, cold Aberdeen on Monday morning....oh well, I guess I have to go home sometime.

My friend Michelle from Bombchell in Atlanta is coming into town today! I'm SO EXCITED! She's one of my oldest friends, we've been friends since primary 1 and I haven't seen her in ages. Plus I get to see my darling Kemberly today too. This weekend is looking *in Tamar Braxton's voice*

Love and light xxx


  1. Oh! I missed her concert in London. Was too busy preparing for my exams which are finally over! Phew! Whatever happened to Kemberly's blog?! I liked it!

  2. lol at the fanta/maltina. i dont like bitter stuff 2. usually wen i wanna feel among i do irish cream or rum n coke. cos truthfully wen i go out, all i really nid is d music n d rite company. the nail polish is fab. i've always wanted 2 try it out 2. just waitin 2 grow more ladylike nails befittin for d polish. i dont wear false nails not even tips.

  3. I love the nail polish.. So cool.
    Asa is a fabulous artiste. I agree with alcohol being bitter,but alcoholics see it more for the pleasure or escapism it presents rather than the taste,me thinks.

  4. for Asa,she moved to France in her early 20s.I am guessing it is all part of her act!

  5. omg! I know Bukky! We did undergrad together. You're definitely around my way.

  6. Serious popular G!

    Last week it was Ms J'adore Fashion, now Bombchelle and Kemberly, na wa to you.

    Sounds like you're having a blast. be sure to save some sunshine and put in your box to return to Aberdeen with.

  7. Ok the picture isn't so bad lol... It was nice meeting you! Enjoy the rest of your stay in NY :)

    LOL @ Anonymous 7:18...wondering who you could be hmmmmm

  8. She IS international. She's great. Glad you had fun. Lovely outfit you!


  9. @BubblyBliss Me and you both dear, in my next life I might be illiterate, school is so stressful. She shut it down, just didn't feel like updating anymore.

    @Ifeoma For these nails I didn't use falsies, just tips and acrylic whatever its called. You can use the polish on your natural nails though, only it won't last as long.

    @Onyinye Thanks babe. I'm sure for some its escapism, but I've met many who actually love the taste. Baffles me everytime.

    @ChicTherapy You think? That's what I said too but my friends started calling me a hater, thank God I'm not the only one.

    @Anon For real? Awww I wish we could have met.

    @Mizchif Its not that serious, lol. I grew up with Michelle and Kemberly, and Stella and I are old friends. We all just coincidentally happen to have blogs.

    @Buky It was nice meeting you too, thanks for allowing me take your picture xxx

    @TCS She is o, I can't even lie, the babe is doing big things. Thanks so much

  10. If you like amaretto sour, you are definitely going to like: Midori sour or Toxic waste.


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