Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Down Time

So I've been in New York since Thursday visiting one of my besties Nneka. I left 2 days after I finished my exams and a long flight combined with lack of sleep from studying resulted in me crashing since I've been here. I've literally been sleeping like I was drugged, luckily I've been able to crawl out of bed from time to time to hang out with friends and chill. I haven't been in New York for almost two years and I'm so excited to be back, the energy in this city is amazing, I could never live here but I don't mind experiencing it in little doses.


It was so warm, I couldn't believe how warm it was. Going back to Aberdeen is going to be so traumatic for me.

Met up with my friends Cassie, Annie and Chichi who were visiting from Maryland

A big plus for me was meeting up with my friend and blogger, Stella of Jadore-Fashion, we had the most random time walking around the city and encountering some weird paprazzi dude who kept taking our pictures and refused to tell us what it was for.

See how fabulous her camera is? It puts my baby Canon to shame for real.

Later that evening I attended my friend Amaha's graduation from Medical School, when they were reciting the Hippocratic Oath I actually got choked up, made me want to be a doctor. I was actually on the path to study Medicine at first, I was a science student in SS1 but after the first term when I wrote essays in Chemistry instead of formulas, the Guidance Counsellor called me into her office for an emergency meeting and tactfully suggested that my talents lay elsewhere. I dropped Physics and Chemistry and picked up Government instead...and legal history was made, lol. It was an awesome ceremony, we went out to dinner later and an after party on a yacht. Good times

Awesome day and night, things are always fabulous when I have my close friends around.

Due to the excesses of the night before, we didn't wake up till almost midday, just in time to catch brunch at a Nigerian restaurant and drinks later at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Met up with my friends Molly and Dami later that night, where, as usual, whenever I'm with Mols, things always go slightly off kilter. We decided to go to some roof-top bar for drinks for like an hour before we started heading back to Brooklyn, as our cab was drawing up to the hotel we noticed the long New York style line for the bar stretching out to the street. I absolutely refuse to stand in line outside bars or clubs, there has to be a difference between 21 year old Daks and 25 year old Daks now. So I'm like, I'm not feeling this, lets exx. Molly, who's one of the most fearless people I know by the way says we should act like we're staying in the hotel and just cut the line. I'm telling you, chutzpah works, we blagged our way into that bar ahead of like 30 of NY's finest who were lined up waiting for entry, I kept cracking up.

After getting in, we enter the bar and it was like hotness overload. Extremely beautiful guys, muscles rippling, eyes twinkling, champers flowing.....after a few seconds I started to notice they were a little too beautiful, there was way too much man flesh on display, the intimacy between the men was a teeny bit full on. I, Molly and Dami twigged at the exact same time that they were all gay, I couldn't believe it, after the Oscar worthy performance we had given outside just to end up in a gay bar. But I love gays, the atmosphere is always so fun and of course we were spotted immediately and christened glorified fag hags for the evening. It turned out to be a seriously fun night in the end.

The week has begun now I can get down to the main reason for being here....the shopping. Everybody on my bbm and twitter were probably sick of me for constantly making noise about shopping in dollars. I HATE shopping in the United Kingdom, the prices are ridiculous, the difference between shopping in dollars versus pounds wasn't really that glaring to me before until I moved to the UK myself. Whenever I went to the UK or the US before it was always a vacation so I would spend stupidly but now I'm actually living there and paying bills, my 1 pound does not touch ground, "aka Aradite" is my new name. Its ridiculous how something like Mac Studio Fix is like 25 pounds and in the US its 26 dollars, 25 pounds equals 40 dollars....absolute madness. So anyway I've been taking advantage of the price difference.

The rest of the week is solely for sight-seeing, I can draw a map of the entire layout of Macy's on 34th street from years of experience but I have no idea where Central Park is, I have to remedy that.

Love and light xxx


  1. *sigh* I want your life right now! U are having such fun, its ridiculous! Its funny u mentioned Mac Studio Fix..its now £26? Last time I bought in the UK it was for 20quid and the going price then in USD was 18! Can u imagine? Neways, have fun...do loads of shopping...hopefully, u'll get to do some giveaways! :)

  2. And my mumu phone keeps tagging my comments anonymous even on my own blog! Its Hazel jare! Last anon comment is me!!

  3. Nice. Very interesting. Believe it's 3:53am down south but your blog has to be read regardless. Y'all look really nice. I don't think i can live in NY though. Nice to visit and all but to live it's a No No. But you know speaking from someone that lives in TX and it's not so crowded, it is but you know, yeah lol.
    To the heat issue. How hot is it? We are absorbing 103 degrees i promise.
    You friend stella has great legs.
    I haven't seen chinekwu in like donkey years. She is such a beautie.
    Anyways deuces. I'm bored thanks for an interesting get up.

  4. LOL! Take advantage of the dollars! Love all the pictures, but I like ours better :D *just kidding!

    That's the food i missed...hmmmm!

    Love that sheer blouse in the last pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip babe!


  5. Nice pix, luvly use of words,nne! I can actually relate 2 d sad feeling bout getting back 2 d Grampian after an awesome, warm, fun-filled week in NY...4rm personal experience, hvn lived in Deen and taking a week off twice(fierce Jan winter and warm summer)to visit NY. You can imagine me not wanting 2 go back 2 Deen when I noticed that even in fierce January winter,u cud still feel d sun on ur face unlike d drab,dull,granite look of Union and King Street!!!Nne, I badly nid a break!!!

  6. wow! sounds like fun. you guys looked really good BTW

  7. Daks you are in NY/omg at least lemme say hello on the fone or something

  8. @Hazel, I'm a super saver extraordinaire now o, I might even buy my toothpaste an toiletries before I leave, lol.

    @Onyx, Houston is even worse, its ike Naijaville and so frickin hot. I could never leave there. The East Coast is more my speed. You're welcome boo.

    Jadore-fashion, LOL, it wasn't that serious o, stndard Chinese food. It was great seeing you!

    @aceworth, Lol, you get me. Abz is not for the faint hearted at all, God dey sha.

    @Doll, thanks babe xxx

    @Zena, omg! Can't believe you still read TWP, where have you been??? Send me your number asap, thirdworldprofashional@gmail.com

  9. lol...I believe I should reside in New York...shopping in Dollars is all I need!

  10. Tell me about it. Houston is naijaville, that's why i left houston for missouri city. I can safely go to my walmart without seeing too many nigerians.

  11. daks ur havin a blast o. enjoy! and i love molly's hair.

  12. I'm Jealous.. You are having too much fun jo!

  13. im confused are u still there? I'll be there on Friday :) for the weekend.

    OMG is that Chinekwu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? is she still there, wow havent seen her in forever! prob over 5 yrs.

  14. i like those beige pants - pretty fab!

  15. You're in NY! Random question, was the party on the Yatch a Black and White Nigerian party affair? If yes, I would be so bummed because I intended to go but something came up :( Would have been nice spotting you :)

  16. Fun weekend! Thumbs up


  17. @Yemmie Baby mi, its good for the soul.

    @Onyx I didn't know you'd left Houston, wow, Missouri City huh? How's that turning out.

    @Ifeoma I am o, wetin I go do before. Thanks babe, I'll tell her

    @HAW LOL! I deserve it! I'd been suffering for the past 2 months, this was needed.

    @Bombchell We should def meet up.

    @Anya Thanks boo. Long time no hear, where on earth have you been.

    @NiceAnony Yeah it was a black and white party. You didn't miss much at all. The music was the best part of it, and it wasn't really all that still.

    @TCS, Yup!

  18. errrr whose the guy by the right in the first pic with 3 guys? *batting eyelashes*


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