Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pure Randomness Still......

There was supposed to be no rhyme or reason to this day, we were just supposed to roam around aimlessly until I got it into my head that I had to visit the Kardashian store Dash in Soho.

I've accepted that I'm a professional agbaya and I refuse to seek treatment, I kinda like it.

This reminds me of a scene in a Nollywood movie..........


I can't even front I love the Kardashians, they're seriously entertaining and so beautiful they look unreal sometimes, especially Kim. Kris is just super gorgeous, even at her age, she must have been banging when she was younger.

I couldn't tell if business was booming for them or not because when I was in there it was obvious that everybody else was just there for the novelty touristy value and were definitely not buying. They carry stuff like Kova & T and Wildfox which the average New Yorker can definitely not afford so I guess they cater strictly to celebrities or Upper East-Siders.

After all the waka of the day we went to the Empire Hotel where they film a lot of Gossip Girl scenes (breathing the same air as the Chuck Bass filled me with so much joy). It was fun but the Dj was kinda wack so we exxed and went to Bar 13 where the music was so dope I forgot to take pictures. Didn't get home till 5am so you know it was a good night.

Did more roaming today when we finally woke up and I stumbled across these lace earrings, they're earrings/necklaces. I saw them for the first time last year when Rihanna wore a pair during Paris Fashion Week but I didn't really seek them out the way I hunt down items with my usual dedication. I saw these today and thought they were so ghetto but I LOVED them still and I got so many compliments wearing them.

Another sleepness night is looming, about to hit the town right now and see wassup. Tomorrow its church, brunch and then JFK-ABZ.

Love and light xxx


  1. Lol! My friends and i do this sometimes- roam around with no destination heh. Those earrings are sooo statement. Very fab


  2. you look lovely as always! you don't disappoint. .lol
    The guy in the pic looks like Ugo. .Glad you had a good vacation though maybe aberdeen will start getting warm soon too :) Have a pleasant trip back!!!

  3. your dress is freaking gorgy.Loves the hair as well

  4. Oh I love the earrings.
    I could never wear them though, cos the munchkins would pull them till I'm in tears. Have fun!

  5. *screams* I LOVE YOUR EARRINGS OMG!

    Jen xx

  6. Looooooove the earrings!! #ghettoChic

  7. If you would like to but the maxi dress in a package and send it my way! thank address will follow shortly!

  8. Hi
    Love your nude dress!!! where is it from please?

  9. So much fun! Love the jumpsuit--the color is so fab! The earrings are not ghetto at all!

    Hope you made it safe!


  10. I like this goddess-style maxi. very elegant. Dang I miss this kinda straight hair, *srrugs - darn #teamrelaxer and gorg weaves ;)

    and I dey o...I've been so busy with work but I'm back in blog-town now. Doing the 30 Day challenge. Check it out.

  11. @TCS, Story of my life. Thank you!

    @Mrs.Newlywed Tnak you so much. Yeah its Ugo, small world. Aberdeen is as cold as ever, it was 14 degrees when I landed *sigh*

    @ChicTherapy Thank you boo, that short hair had overstayed sha

    @Gbemi, Omg I pulled it that day by mistake, that thing is dangerous

    @Jen *screams* THANK YOU! Lol

    @Stephanie Thanks mami xxx

    @Tinu Hahahahaa, I hear ya

    @Jadore, Thanks nwanne. I did o, typing frpm my little cupboard right now, lol.

    @Anon, Thank you, its a jumpsuit and its from H&M

    @Anya, thank you, lol. Funny enough, the rest of my hair is pretty much natural, haven't relaxed it in almost a year. I only relax the front when I want to get an open weave fixed.

    @Gorgeous Spice, Thank you xxx

  12. you look nice, you seem to have put on a lil bit of weight which suits you...

    I love kris too. i imagine how she would have been younger

  13. adaku u look great meennh, u outfit is lovely.

  14. Okay I'm tired now..

    May God shower you with blessings...
    MAy your life be a testimony of His goodies and graciousness.

    Happy birthday Daks!! :) xx


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