Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TWP Around the Web

I keep saying I'll do this and I constantly forget. Anyhoo, this is a roundup of articles on the internet where I've been featured. Its a really awesome feeling when people you respect and admire think your style is fabulous enough to be featured on their sites, I'm always just like "huh, lil' old me".

These are the few I could get links for. thanks to all of you for making me feel important, I know I don't deserve it.

Wtf am I saying....of course I do, lol.

- Sistaz Mag - Zimbabwean fashion and lifestyle online and print magazine wanted my take on what's hot for Spring and my current wardrobe favourites.

- Alex Folzi - Photos from my Brummie Series where I posed with an AF briefcase got posted on their tumblr. I heart Fela and Fola tres much.
Alex Folzi

- Fashion Bomb Daily - I was very excited about this feature, Fashion Bombshell of the Day toh bad.
Fashion Bombshell

- One Nigerian Boy - My ONB feature, when Terence Sambo says he wants to shoot you in your home you don't dare decline. You say "yes Terence, whatever you want Terence".

21stCenturyCareerMom - My amazeballs friend covered my wardrobe sale, back in January and regularly includes me in her "Blog Roundup" every week. You're a star boo xxx
Hazel Muses

If I've left any out please let me know.

Too lazy to do a proper post, exams in 3 weeks and all that and failure is definitely not winning. I doubt I'll take a hiatus seeing as I'm the Queen of Versatility but I'll definitely not be blogging regularly.

Wish me luck!

Love and light xxx


  1. hey,..all the best in your exams!!!Pls how can i get contact details for babushka?

  2. @Yosola and Myne, thanks so much

    @Labbyy, thank you! You can call Simi on 07031083211

  3. Daks, thanks so much!

  4. I think i've seen most of them...and enjoyed reading the ones I saw. Goodluck in the papers, make sure you show them who's the boss!


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