Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turban Attempts

This was my attempt at a bigger pouf than I normally do, I used a a pashmina and due to the fact that its rectangular, it didn't turn out exactly as I'd envisioned. Plus I couldn't make it as big as I wanted to because I was going to the ballet and seeing as I'm already tall it would have being a terrible disservice to whoever had to sit behind me to go and place an obstruction in the form of headgear in front of them. So I toned it down a little.

By the way, the Scottish National Ballet kicked ass! I honestly thought it was going to be really boring, I only went just to confirm that people could actually stand on the tips of their toes for elongated periods of time but somehow I was gripped by the entire performance. Totally amazeballs, I must see Swan Lake next.

Before the curtain went up, I had to tone down my philistine tendencies and not take pictures during the actual performance, but I wish I could have. The set, the costumes, the dancing.....faboosh.

So my turban tutorial vlog is doing really well, thanks to all you lovely people, it has 360 views on youtube already. Small potatoes to the vlog experts I know, but I was just like wow, people are actually watching it and commenting and subscribing to my channel......its a little heady. I feel like I have to keep up with the video thing now, and this was supposed to be a one off.

Anyhoo so many lovely profashionals sent in their turban looks achieved from following the tutorial

Starting with my gorge cousin Chioma from Canada, I LOVE the colours of her scarf, plus its a silk scarf too and that's totally the hardest to work with, keeps slipping when you try to hold it in place. Her overall outfit is totally banging too, the blue with leopard print.....inspired.

Oyinda of fari-boudoir, and a friend. I heart the juxtaposition of the photo, totally bitching

Next up, is my friend Hilda from London. She used a pashmina in the first photo which I kinda used as a guide to do my own pashmina turban. When I first saw the 2nd photo I honestly thought it was a fascinator at first, I was like how did she place it like that.

Then we have Miss Illuminaughty herself (I love that name), StephanieIj from Leeds. She also used a silk scarf. Her scarf is giving me serious Claude Monet vibes, the watercolour effect is bee-yoo-ti-full.

Shally of For Style Sake from Edinburgh. You can sell me with animal print, nuff said. Savage!

Joke from Wales, another animal print wrap. I particularly love it when I see animal print in other colours besides the traditional brown. Totally bitchin

Alame, another profashional from DC. I love that she gave me 3 different looks. The middle one is actually a tie-dye scarf, had me feening for tie-dye immediately I saw it. My favourite is the orange and grey scarf though, I love the artfully carefree way it was tied.

Jibby of Fashion Addicts United, fashion student from London. Werks it for a living y'all, love the tribal spin on it.

@LiberatedLibra from Michigan. She's totally giving me Solange here, very bold look. Loves it!

Ijeoma from Warri. I love the bright colour and she added a brooch to hers for added effect. So inpired

And last but not least......cue the awwwws now.......

The babies

Christ, I can't wait to have kids. Gorgeousness!

Love and light xxx

p.s. I did an interview with the lovely Oyinda of Fari-Boudoir over the weekend. You can check it out here.

And the beautamagorgeous Uju of Vintage Pin-Up posted my video on her site. Thank you, you magnificent child xxx


  1. Beautiful! I like turbans but I kind of outgrew them last year. They need a revisit :)

    Hilda's styles are killing. Did she use two scarves to get the two colors?

  2. *sigh* Luv em all!

  3. @Yinkuslolo, I have no idea but it looks like 2 scarves though.

    @Fari & Oye, thanks...on their behalf

  4. Does ijeoma in warri have a blog too? I love her turban style

  5. Is there a tutorial on how to do these styles and the name of the styles. I love the water color one best but I would love to try them all

    1. Hi, I did a tutorial here . You can try that out. Hope it helps!


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