Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Channeling Miss Ambrose

I've been crushing on June Ambrose for yonks, she and my other "in my mind bestie" Anna Dello Russo are the queen's of opulence and y'all know I don't stint on my accessories, the bigger the better. Miss Ambrose is the very personification of extravagance, from her Birkins to her head accesories to her statement sunnies.....she's like a black Rachel Zoe, only healthier looking and less neurotic.

I noticed her turban game when she styled Chrissette Michelle in one, I had nothing against it, I thought it was cool. That was until I heard the price....$150. That's about N30,000 for a scarf.....for what now? When it's not aso-oke from Oyeog.

Omo, I was shaken.

At first I thought the turbans came already tied up and all you had to do was put it on, like a hat. You can imagine my shock when I found out, they come as regular loose scarves, then you get a tutorial on how to tie it yourself. Imagine.

I'm not a headscarf person but I had to attempt to tie one myself without looking at any of the web tutorials, just to understand what exactly cost $150. Were the scarves made from downy baby hairs or silky Tibetan goats sewn with platinum thread? When you tie one are you suddenly blessed with a fashion encyclopedia for a brain? As a poverty stricken student I'm a pro in cutting costs without it showing but even in my heyday as a salary earner, thy Kingdom will come before I spend 30k on a scarf.

I actually own one, that I got from Forever 21 a couple of years ago, but that one you wear like a hat, 4 bucks and you're golden.

23 year old Daks, *sigh* where have the years gone.

Anyhoozle, these are my attempts at the June Ambrose turban, I didn't make the pouf on mine as large as hers, since I didn't want to be mistaken for one of Fela's wives, but I still gave it a respectable size. All turban attempts were made with my collection of dirt cheap Primarni scarves.

They're very easy to create, each one took me about ten minutes to tie, maybe even less. I'm loving the look now though and since my middle name is "Overdo", I'm going to be wearing turbans for a while.

I think I nailed it. I'll try the bigger pouf a bit later, maybe on Friday, I'm going to see the Scottish National Ballet perform Alice in Wonderland and I intend to be as theatrical as possible. Since I saw Black Swan I've been itching to see live ballerina's in action.

Love and light xxx


  1. i love the last look..jeans and all..fab!

  2. You totally nailed it, the last picture is my fav. Turbans are very good for bad hair days too :)

  3. You definitely nailed it. I love the turban/headwraps trend...definitely an interesting addition to any outfit/good for when you're having a bad hair day.

  4. Thanks guys! I hope it sticks around for a while because this is going to be a staple when I have my in-between hair on. Wrap that ish up completely so I don't scare people.

  5. I really like the last one, its my fav...you look really nice........and I love the colors on the first one.....all that yellow and the pink necklace......gorgeous......better start your own class and charge like 50 dollars.....kilorde....make that money jo!

  6. Daks,..U rock gal!..The last pix is def the coolest, plus i think the lipstick suits you super!
    Tutorials on how u got this turban thingy done?'wink'

  7. You've got to do a tutorial on this! Love eet

  8. Hey! I want to learn how to tie it too!!! But my head is large already...dunno how this would look on me..You look hot!!!!!

  9. You look amazing. Definitely got it!

  10. @Everybody, I'm definitely feeling the love, thanks you guys. I'll try and do a video tutorial and upload it but I'm doubtful of my success, I have no idea how to do that.

    Damn my non tech brain.

  11. gorgeous!I could never pull off this turban look!

  12. The 3rd is my fav look. Gorgeous! Definitely do a tutorial vid!

    Hmm, Mme. 3rdworldP, I think you'll soon have to retract that statement about this blog not being a fashion blog because you're getting there with all this posing and your most recent posts. You love fashion and there's nothing wrong with that, fashion is a lifestyle. Hehe!

  13. @ChicTherapy, what! You totally have the face for it, you would wear the heck out of it.

    @bubblyBliss, thank you! Lol @ fashion is a lifestyle, you are so right.

  14. Lovely turbans! How come so many people are hearting Ambrose this period (well, more than usual lol)


  15. LMAO " Overdo. they look really nice on you

  16. This is fabness!!
    I want to feature your pic on my website if that's ok with you: www.gnaala.com; it's in French if you want to check it out ;)

  17. @ChicTherapy, of course you could. You'd look totally savage in it.

    @Cherie, I just had a look, fabness! Of course you can use my picture xxx

  18. oooooh la la...that last pic is banging

    I agree with bubblybliss you have got your game on...flaunt it!


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