Friday, May 6, 2011


I just had to share this with you guys! I'm up at this infernal hour because of my books but I had to take out time to check out Super Bass, I LOVE the song and I'm LOVING the video. All that pink makes 10yr old Barbie and My Little Pony loving Daks smile. People take Nicki Minaj way too seriously, the babe is having a ball and all people wanna do is constantly compare her to that plastic surgery nightmare Lil Kim. I confess I've never been a Lil Kim fan even though I can appreciate her music but right now she's just embarrassing herself with these petty feud.

I had to use this video to wipe out the awful Judas video by Lady Gaga, I don't understand what's up with that girl, its like she's gone completely batty. her last good song was Bad Romance and that was even a little cuckoo sef. She needs to go back to her Just Dance and Poker Face self because all this edginess is just strange. I know she has a core fanbase but they're mostly composed of misfits and I'm sure she'll have a long, colourful career, but I wonder how much longer the mainstream media can keep up with her antics.

Anyhoo, lets get to it!

I particularly loved the different covers for this song, it seemed like everyone and their mama was up in youtube rapping super bass but its an awesome song though. I especially liked the cover by the 4aces, those girls and their videos crack me up. Onika Maraj is absolutely savage. Ooooh did you clock her pink Doc Martens? My DM love just went up several notches.

And Ester Dean's voice is the absolute truth, girl can sing. Dopeness all around.

In other news, happy birthday to my darling Neks, the Omalicha Apunanwu 1 of Nnewi and the Duchess of Ikoyi. Love you much ma soeur.

Love and light xxx


  1. saw the DMs too..still hate birthday to the Duchess of Ikoyi..much love baby x

  2. Omalicha nwa! Happy birthday! ... Love the video .. Lil kim is a walking embarassment and needs to get off nickis dick to be honest.

  3. looool recognise that name from BN!


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