Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!!! and other stuff too

So I got a lot of feedback when I had a photo up on TWP wearing this snake ear cuff, people asking where I got it and all that. I figured if people liked it so much I might as well buy one and give it out in my first ever giveaway.

The snake ear cuff

A lot of people are under the impression that I had to gouge a hole in my ear to be able to wear it, but its actually two separate pieces. You put the larger piece into your earhole, then take the 2nd bit and screw it on, like you're wearing a belly ring. No biggie, no extra piercings needed.

This is the one I'll be giving away, brand new, still in its pack.

The rules are tres simple;

1) You HAVE to be following this blog, if you're not and you win, I'll simply give it to the next best person who's following TWP. Capisce?

2) All you have to do is answer a very simple question, put your answer as a comment with your name and email address. Its going to be fastest fingers first, no random comment generator.

3) This contest is open to everybody, however I can only post within the United Kingdom. So if you win and you live in...say Canada, unless you have a UK address I could send the ear cuff too, I'll have to give it to the 1st runner up who has a UK address. It could be a friend or family or whatever, you can live in any part of the world and enter the giveaway but I will only post to an address in the UK.
*this is simply as a result of poverty, I refuse to pay international delivery fees*

So, that's everything.

The giveaway will take place on Friday 18 May, at 3pm UK time, would have done it at 12, but I want to give the rest of the world time to wake up. I'm going to ask a very easy question based on my blogging history. So if you've been a faithful TWP reader since inception, you won't even have to scroll through posts looking for the answer.

And other stuff

Decided to rock double denim a couple of days ago, which may very well be a faux pas, but I love there. Paired with my Deena & Ozzy perspex lace-up brogues, which Shally from ForStyleSake was also wearing in this post.

This post was supposed to be primarily about my first ever giveaway, but I had to tell y'all about my new obsession real quick.....

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips.

I was watching Hellcats the other day (which is a surprisingly good show btw) and a character in the show was using them. Now I'm ridiculously susceptible and the minute I saw how perfect they looked, I had to have them. Nails are so not my thing, I've never had false nails on in my whole life, the most extreme work I've ever had done on my nails is probably tips with acrylic thingy on them, and that happens maybe about twice a year or so. It's actually quite surprising to me because I'm a card carrying member of the Plastics Brigade, Fancy Branch...."hair done, nails done, everything did". I love my extensions and make up and what not but I've never been into nails, it makes me feel rather incomplete.

Basically they are strips made of real nail polish like stickers, and you stick them on your nails, use the nail file and cuticle pusher and trim the edges.....and voila, Minx like manicure accomplished in the comfort of your own home. I don't know how to apply nail polish, I always mess it up and I hate false nails but I love the way colourful manicures look. So these strips are the next best thing.

You know I had to start out with leopard print before anything else. I'm doing zebra print next.

This is what it looks like on my nails. It was a bit harder to do my right hand since I was working with my left and it probably took me about 30 minutes, but I got my left hand done much faster, maybe about 10 minutes or so. Next time I'll probably get someone to help me out, but they're really easy to apply and I love the effect.

Love and light xxx


  1. Im so there on Friday *counting down*

  2. I heart nail polish strips, been usin them for a while now. Very convenient.

  3. lol...I actually thought you were gonna give out the shoe, i was already jumping on my bed! *face covered*

  4. @lola great!

    @anon, I'm so in love

    @Beautiful, lmao! my friend actually said the same thing.

  5. yayyyy..i must win these earrings(running home at two on friday..)..I looove the nails,i dont like fase nails too(and i feel incomplete,esp in this lagos,with long red nails everywhere)..i got shally to buy the zebra print wraps last week.Now i can see how they look on real peoples hands..*excited*..cant wait for my consignment to get here..

  6. This your ear cuff Iv been eyeing since. It will be messy on Friday o

  7. Daks pls i beg i know you went to the UK to study and not do Vlogs but pls can you do your favorite makeup haul why you like them and why you recommend them and also the eyebrow tutorial.

    Redbone lol

  8. I'm obsessed with Leopard print as well...I shall be trying those strips...I've been ignoring them at the drug store.
    Double denim is always hot! I'm inspired.

  9. @Segi, you will love them! I'm so addicted. I recommended a swipe of top coat when you're done though because I've noticed mine have started to chip a little.

    @Anon, lmao @ messy

    @Onyx, my darling, once I get the courage to go sans makeup in front of the camera I'll do it for you. Lol.

    @Lohi, :)

    @Tinu, thanks boo xxx

    @Yemmie lmao, always dramatic

    @TCS, thank you!

    @JF, lol. Yup

  10. Wow they are amazing, loving the perspex bit...x

  11. Would definitely try out these nail polish strip things!

    Love how you combined denim on denim!

  12. I think MINX nail designs is brilliant, it is shiny and doesn't need drying time, just apply to your nails and shape it to fit your nails in enough, it can make your nails beautiful for a long time. Very good. like it so much!


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