Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vlog- My Small Screen Debut

So.......I did my first video log, ghen ghen. Be kind abeg o, videos are not my forte. This is for all the people that sent me messages on this blog, facebook, email, bbm, asking if I could do a tutorial on how I tied my turban.

This ish was uber stressful, had to open a youtube page and then it took like 124 hours to upload before I could embed it here...oh well. It worked out in the end, so, enjoy.

Love and light xxx

p.s. If my tutorial was helpful and you successfully re-created the June Ambrose look, please send pictures of your attempts to and I'll put all of them up in my next post.

Thank you!


  1. Ok, I'm going to follow this vid step by step. You r really soft spoken, i dont know why but i expected ur voice to be louder or a bit stronger. i dont know if you know what i mean. love the vlog tho, id like to see more

  2. Okay, am not really focusing on the tutorial, YOUR MAKEUP IS AMAZING! I always assumed u did some sort of photoshop but this video has proved me wrong, abi can they photoshop videos? Oya, foundation, powder, concealer, information abeg.

  3. Your on BN today? Have you seen it? Great tutorial btw, rly helpful

  4. thanks a lot..i love it!!!

  5. lol @anon 12.47!! she gave me my own make up tips o!mostly MAC..
    loving the vid..i'm going to tie my own

  6. i am sooooo DOING THIS!!! omalicha nwa!! Good way to kick off the summer!! love it!

  7. makeup tutorial maybe??

  8. awwwwww.... your accent is so cute... You sound like Genevieve Nnaji (Don't take it the wrong way abeg). I like your little 'sha' and 'sef' additions. The tutorial is on point. On my way to locate the nearest square scarf.

  9. Ohhh you did a great job!!!! will be doing that def!

  10. Thanks for putting up a tutorial.Much appreciated. I will definitely be rocking this look. Btw, your make up = lovely.

  11. @Laide, lol. I don't know what to say, err....thank you

    @Anon, its nothing serious, just MakeUpForever foundation and Mac StudioFix powder

    @Lola, yup, saw it. Bracing myself for the insults

    @Anon 11.24, thank you!

    @Bugo, you go girl!

    @Lady Uju, m na e so gi na-azu, o gi wu omalicha.

    @Anon 4.17. Lil' old me? For expert makeup tutorials, go to

    @Tigi, *now googling to find out what Genevieve sounds like*

    @Lohi, thanks mami xx

    @Teets, You're welcome boo. Thank you!

    Everybody that followed the tutorial should please send me a photo, I'll put them all up in my next post.

  12. Love it! Going to do it and send a pic. But could you plese do a hair vid? What is that on your hair actually? LOl a weave or a wig? and did you do it yourself? It looks great stylish but simple... more info about the hair please..

  13. Choi! Daks! you haf spoil market for some people wey dey sell dis tin ready-made o!

  14. @Anon 5.52, its a weave. I think its Supreme or Premium, can't remember. I can't do a vid for it, lol, the only way i contributed to that hair was by paying for it. If you're interested in getting it done sha, call Manix on 08035274712, he works at Bobbys in Ikeja.

    @Nonye, LOL. That one na for their pocket.

  15. @Funny I was thinking the same thing re Daks' accent although I'm not sure what Genevieve Nnaji's accent sounds like...actually come to think of it, to me it sounds more like a naija version of Audrey Hepburn's precise elocution...the "sef's" and "sha's" reminded me of high school & made me miss Nigeria. On another note, I definitely need a more imaginative way to tie my hair down after a swim; definitely trying this soon!

  16. Hey!!!!! You did good. :D


  17. As a typical dude I get am somewhat out of my league talking about this - since it's obviously for the sistas, but I have to say this: I think you did pretty well. Sincerely, it was so nice watching you tie the turban. Being your first, you did very good.


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