Sunday, December 4, 2011

Old Friends & Birthdays

This past weekend was hella fun, it was my friend Dami's birthday and an old friend of mine from QC; Toun, came into Abz for the day. After I'd spent the whole week in a mad rush to complete my classes and coursework, Friday was the perfect "let off steam" day. Oooh, one thing, my LLM is about 95% over, all my classes and coursework are done and all that's left are exams in January. One year is really not very long, it feels like it was just yesterday I was having my Wardrobe Sale in Lagos. 

Time is a female dog yo.

So Friday started awesomely with the early morning delivery of my ASOS lightning bolt earrings and portfolio clutch. Honestly joining ASOS Premier was one of the best decisions I ever made; free next-day delivery for an entire year, wonderful. Second to that was my decision to pay for Megavideo and Videobb, I have not regretted it one bit, no more 60 minute video watching.....another word for unlimited is God-sent.

These earrings.....WOOOSHHHH.....LOVE! Of course they're a total rip-off of Melody Ehsani's but who cares when they are a fraction of the price.

Pink double breasted blazer - Bershka
Leather look tights - Topshop
Silver smoking slippers - Topshop
Portfolio clutch - ASOS

This mahoo-sive clutch is totally giving me life right now, funny but it reminds me of those clear, plastic file thingys they sell in traffic in Lagos. Not in looks of course, but in size. The thing is huge.

Rings - Topshop

So Madam Birthday Girl aka Dami, had us all convene at TGI Fridays which I love. Their Tennessee and Jack Daniel's sauce are so sinful they should be illegal, the ribs, sesame chicken, prawn skewers....kai I like food sha. Only thing I don't like about TGIF are the freakishly happy employees, they act like they're under some sort of perenially happy spell, and its the same at every TGIF you go to anywhere in the world, like they're gassed up on helium. About 2 years ago, I went to a TGIFs in Dubai with my friends Ediri, Erenma and Amaka, for kicks we decided to lie it was my birthday so we could get a free cake. By the time like 27 demented looking employees in bunny ears, clashing cymbals and singing loudly in incoherent voices came to present the cake, me gan I'd gone off it.

Too much happiness is just.....weird. 

So as I was saying, we went to TGIF.....

Dami Lola COCO! aka Birthday Girl

My friend from QC, Toun, came along with us and I don't think I'd seen her since graduation in 2001 (hell of a long time I know), but she looked exactly the same. I was talking about it with a few friends how we all look pretty much the same as our teenage selves. I really expected 16 to be very different from 26, but apart from issues like getting jobs or getting married etc, there isn't that much of a difference. The next 10 year mark will be 36 and I expect my issues then to be getting my kids into good schools, juggling family with an awesome career, trying to decide whether to go to the Maldives or Maui over a long weekend.....

You know, trivial stuff like that


It was like a very very mini QC, Y class reunion because Nike, Yosola, Toun and I were all in the same class from JSS1 to SS3. Yosola was even my seat partner in JSS2, incidentally that year holds the record for the most times in my entire secondary school life that I landed on the names of noisemakers list. 

Who's fault? Yosola's of course.

Nike, Yosola, Toun

After lemming tight we decided to show Toun a bit of Aberdeen nightlife and headed over to a Japanese bar called Konichi that happened to be having an African night (what are the odds eh?). Fun night, good music and Toun witnessed first hand the enormous thirst that holds Aberdeen guys in bondage.

Y'all might remember the post I did on clubbing in Aberdeen when I first moved here and how the guy avalanche was like an assembly line. Literally wave after wave of men besieging me. No shame, no fear for little things like propriety, dignity, pride etc; they just toast diligently to quench their awesome thirst. It can go to a girls head a bit but once you realize that all you're experiencing is "fresh meat syndrome", you'll sharply fix up.

That night Toun was fresh meat and as always the Aberdeen mating dance is pure entertainment. Poor girl, she barely took a step without some eager beaver popping up and declaring undying love.


We sha managed to have fun despite the constant interruption.

Good times....

Love and light xx


  1. You lot are rocking the ABZ in more ways than I thought possible... Nice..

  2. Love the whole looks: the blazer, clutch, loafers...too chic!


  3. you looked so pretty. DO a post on your eye shadow-ing skills. Please!

  4. Woow!!Cool!! Visit my blog??

  5. The look is nice...especially those earrings and the clutch. Definitely the beeswax!

  6. toun xxxxx
    that noisemakers list was of the devil, my name was always on it! whatttttt!!!

  7. Good to see y'all again. Even though its via internet. QC 001 should have a reunion, seriously!


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