Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black & Gold

So I attended the Afro-Caribbean society at my Uni's Christmas do on Friday. Alright party, at least it got me out of my house. Weird how I didn't know we even had an African society in my Uni till recently. I'm not big on school extra curricular activities, I never join any societies, groups, whatever. The closest I came to that was when I was at Grange Primary and tried to join the Brownies because I heard they might be going abroad for an excursion, they obviously saw through my deception and turned me down. Then in QC I joined the Interact Club, only because boys came to their meetings and they had the coolest socials. I was such an active "Interactor" that by SS3 I was one of the officials.

Good times.

Backless sheer shirt - ASOS
Sequin pencil skirt - ASOS
Purple suede pumps - Aldo
Orb purse with tassels - Topshop

Hellloooo heinie!

I've begun the habit of taking Instagram pictures before I set out on a night of debauchery. Can't believe I once thought it was overrated, its like visual twitter.

Ooooh its not too clear here but I got metallic snakeskin Minx on my fingers, its the coolest and I got the gold fishnet Minx on my toes.


The dvd of my sisters' Live At Roseland show arrived a few days ago, haven't watched it yet, I'm saving it for Christmas Eve.

Me, a mug of Horlicks and Nda Beyonce.

Oh yeah, I've got one Christmas present off my list so far...thank you you beautiful person. 1 down, 4 to go.

Love and light xx


  1. nice outfit! that sequenced skirt is cute

  2. This may just be my best look on twp Black and gold...very sophisticated. Luv it.

  3. stunning as usual! I want to be like you when i grow up

  4. stunning! Info on the earrings please!

  5. You look amazING!!! Love the look. I've always snubbed sequins but you pulled it off nicely. Link to the purse please, please, pleasssseeeeee?

    Take care

  6. HAWWTTTTTT. This outfit is DOIN IT for your silhouette!

  7. Now this is d first time I'm commenting on your blog! And I had to cuz this outfit is supercute! Leme be a copycat! Uv unspired me...​​​​L̃̾ool!

  8. Thank you so much guys xx

    Anon 11.22 - The purse is from Topshop. Check on

    Anon 9.56 - The earrings are from ASOS

  9. Lovely outfit! That skirt is calling my name. You look stunning!

  10. I won't be redundant, so I'll skip how fab you look but let me just lmao at you saying "Nda beyonce". Stan is not enough, I need a bigger word. lol!

  11. Love!!! I'm obsessed with sequins!
    p.s. Im going to Naij soon but I wanted to ask if you knew nice brunch/lunch places on the island...Need to sample all these places...Thanks

  12. LMFAO @ your sister. PhD in Famzology!

    But yooo, this entire outfit is the business. Like what? Stay away from me 'cos I might have to do a drive by and snatch everything, most especially that skirt.

  13. Your best outfit so far and You pulled it off nicely. One word #GLAM

  14. U look good and my favo part of ur fit is d clutch. Ur blog is also quite intrestin but u shud do a cribs style post or even a wardrobe post that will be fun.

  15. I LOVE your outfit here!! You look goregous x


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