Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chefs in the Park

As the name connotes there were chefs in a park and the people gathered so they may be fed. Lol

Chefs in the Park was an event that took place in Lekki on Boxing day. Basically two chefs, Chef Eros and Chef Fregz had a cook-off and people came by to sample their wares. Delicious food, great music, fantastic turnout, beautiful people, jet ski-ing.......all in all, a hella fun day.

Hot AF but fun regardless.

I look busted AF here, forgive my faintly disheveled air, it had been a long ass day and car trouble + the unforgiving sun combined to strip me of any attractiveness I set out with in the morning.

Bisola, Chinye


Annette, Robert


Beazy, Bisola Lumi



Nwabugo, Charles

Charles, Nneka


Oby, Nomnso


Nwabugo, Bisola

Nneka, Agu

Good times.

Love and light xx


  1. I love your Nwabugo's outfit. The mustard palazzos are super cute.

  2. Ahn ahn! No pictures of what you guys ate???

  3. All of the ladies look so fashionable. These Nigerian men are looking yum!

  4. Ahh...you're in Nigeria! And having fun :)

    Here's wishing you a great New Year too!

  5. ohhhh...I can't get enough of 'Bugo's pants (whatever they are called?!?)...the colour et al totally werking for me. Plus, seriously, what happened to pictures of the food and how do you manage to wear such outfits in Naija? I mean I always pack my most "decent"(naija standard) clothes when going home!

  6. Nwabugo's outfit is the bizness o...including her bag...Very chill, yet chic.

    You are having too much fun o! U people are making me jealous. Sha, next year for me.

    Thanks for keeping us in tow...i feel like i am living vicariously thru u. :-)

  7. aww your friend Nwabugo is so tiny and cute. I love what she has on.

    lol TWP you don't look busted at all!

  8. Noize Noize pictures... I see y'all had some kuu funz.. Lmao..

    Nneka seemed to be clutching Agu.. hmmmnn.. :).

    Bugo looked cayute...

    xxx Love TWP..

  9. Hmmmm, dats my lumi, looking all yummy

  10. nwabugwu looks blazing.....beautiful outfit..TWF u are very brave..thats all i can say about ur outit

  11. awww...thanks guys,my heart is smiling and all!!
    emm Daks..bust?? i don't think so o, you looked bunz for a super-hot day..sun blazing and all!!
    ...i see #TNA and henri,my loves...
    @Abisi, we had finished eating before we started taking pictures. too hungry to wait.lol!

  12. arrrggghhhh....u can like to stop updating ur blog..some of us are in sub zero temperatures munching on noodles n eggs...i am tooo jealous :)

    y is ur friend nwabugo so slim sef ? dis life just isnt fair...love her "sokoto"

    love your top...love everything all be it grudgingly : )

    ps however did u manage to wear dose shorts in naija ?

  13. omo u get liver with that outfit o...its either ur parents are not naija, and the naija i know have completely changed or u r just brave and dont give a flying saucer. Az in whaaat???!

  14. Nneka Mbaonu looking fine as fuck...Fine Babe no pimples #winning

  15. LOVE Nwabugo's pants. I've been searching high and low for a pair of mustard yellow pants, to no avail...*sobs*

  16. Love your top, where is it from? Pretty please do tell.


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