Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So I don't know if I've said this on here before, but I'm a massive Glee fan, HUGE. Yeah it can be corny, sometimes schmaltzy but it never fails to make me smile...not once. No matter how depressed I am, I watch one episode of Glee and I'm singing along, smiling like an idiot, it totally defines the phrase "feel-good".

So what inspired this sudden ode to Glee? Last night's episode.

This season has been very....I'm not really sure how to describe it, but its been a season of extreme highs and lows, unlike previous seasons where every episode was amazing, this season has had some very meh moments and some very standout ones. Favourite episodes this year, the 'First Time' episode, where Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine all did the dirty for the first time, not all together though; another standout episode was when the Troubletones did the Adele Mash-up and Finn outed Santana and the BEST. EPISODE. EVER.......last night's.

I don't know what it was about it exactly but I bawled from start to finish, the Michael Jackson tributes were amazing, Mike Chang and his fathers reconciliation, Rachel taking a backseat for once, the Troubletones and the New Directions coming together again, I was intensely happy throughout....and I'm a lifelong pessimist, it takes a lot to make me happy.

Anyway last night's Glee introduced me to my new favourite song and I want everybody to hear it and love it with me too. I've already downloaded it and its looking to be the soundtrack of my life for the next few weeks or so. I usually wear songs out, Hearts 'Alone' and Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts' recently received the Daks treatment, these songs practically skip on my iPad now. I've worn them out.

The song is called 'We Are Young' by Fun; if you look on youtube there's an acoustic version featuring Janelle "I Might Die If I Ever Wear Anything Besides Black & White" Monae.

There's no video for it yet on Glee's Vevo page but once they put it up, I'll post it here. Beautiful song, absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to be 17 again.

Just to throw it in, here's Glee's Adele mash-up by the Troubletones, another home run.


Love and light xx


I managed to find a video of the performance of We Are Young on



  1. I think you took every thought I had about Glee and put it in this post. That Adele mashup has been my favorite so far this season. I too, ran to google, googling lyrics to find the song by Fun. I still can't find the MP3 but it will be joining my song library soon as I find it. I also searched for the Troubletones Survivor mashup.

    I wouldn't have guessed that you were a lifelong pessimist.

  2. @Taynement, the Adele mashup was ridic, it went to #1 on iTunes that same night. Gleeks are a movement. The song has literally been on repeat for an hour and a half now, too beautiful. Lol @ pessimist, this world is a wicked place, not much to be happy about trust me.

  3. i need you to be happpppppppppyyyyyy alllll the time:)
    oh "Jar of Hearts" and "alone" love love. I'm not a Gleek but i totally get what you mean..The Adele mashup is insane!!!! "we are young" is too cute

  4. ok>>>>I just finished watching this episode and went on twitter to announce my new fav song! great minds *wink* This is by far the best episode of glee

  5. pessimist minds think alike! lol. fellow gleek here :-)

  6. This was the best episode ever. I liked their version better though of the Fun. song though. You just took the thoughts out of my head and wrote it in this post. I'm such a gleek. I was so happy when Finn outed Santana, never thought anyone could shut her up, but then she was right back to being Santana. So happy trouty mouth or should I say white chocolate is Love Mercedes she is my favorite. I never thought anyone could annoy me as much as Rachel but I think Quinn out did Rachel this season.

    @Taynement try youtube to mp3 that's what I do.

  7. Haha! I actually saw this episode last night!

  8. Can't find a decent site to download Glee here in Nigeria. Our uber slow internet sure doesn't help. Anyway loads of back episodes to download (illegaly, I know but no be only me na) this winter then! Shouldn't have read this post sha! Spoilers! Love Britiney and Kurt best!

  9. we are kinda behind on d seasons/episodes of these series in in Naija, bt tanks to ur 'DVDs', ppl like me catch up on GLEE!. apart from d music which is awesome, SUE SYLVESTER has gotta be the queen, my lawd! she's soo witty, its ridiculously hilarious. such a great show.

  10. I loved this song too! Thanks for putting it up. I will now proceed to wear it out

  11. Oh my God I just saw the official video. The most disturbing, haunting thing ever. I can actually smell and taste the blood from it.


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