Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Love Weddings

That's actually not true........I hate weddings, but my mother said I should stop saying that or else no-one will attend my wedding and I won't have anyone to scope my badass Elie Saab/Naem Khan/Marchesa dress.

So yeah, I weddings.

Aqua by Aqua Fleetwood Maxi dress
Topshop orb purse

The one in particular I attended on Christmas Eve was pretty fun though. My friend and former classmate from QC, Mayowa, jumped the broom and I willingly crossed toll gates to celebrate with her.

Lanre & Mayowa Abiodun

Attended with my fellow wedding ambulance chasers; Bisola, Stella, Nwabugo and times.

*sidebar* A while ago I stoped labeling pictures of my friends with their names on TWP, but a disgruntled male reader who had apparently being using my blog as some kind of Girls Directory pleaded that I please put names to faces so stalking may commence effectively, had to oblige him.







After fighting through marauding hordes of traffic I got home and got a little snap happy with my new official TWP photographer; Ebuka. As you can see, my magic bra made the trip across the Atlantic with me.

According to my brother I look like the Queen of the Coast in the above picture. Whether he has popped eyes with the actual Queen of the Coast thereby making him an authority on her likeness is irrelevant. He said I look like her, end of story.

It doesn't show up too well in the other photos but I was wearing this gorge scarab earrings and ring from Topshop. My love for bestial jeweller roars on....

See what I did there.

Love and light xx


  1. your dress is sooooooooooooo gorgeous, just went to the aqua site and froze when I saw the prize.....stilll you look pretty

  2. Nice dress. I wish you took a pic of the back of the dress.

  3. is only me that will eat rice, stand up and pose, then continue eating my rice..SMH!!
    Congratulations Mayowa and Lanre xxx

  4. oh and btw, i will steal your dress..i'll just chop off the bottom part so it fits me perfectly..
    then maybe use the chopped off part to sew a skirt?! *deep in thought*

  5. Abeg fill us in on this magic bra,. I want to get it... the label make please?

  6. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunnig!! i wanted to get it in orange but i thought it wouldn't have been long enough for 6 foot tall me but after seeing it on you...i am soo getting it

  7. loool @ Queen of the coast.

    U look amazing! I have been eyeing that dress ehn?! But owu n'asa babes then, so i had to choose between that and another heavy one i settled for. But chai! I am regretting not getting it now.
    Aqua makes such outstanding pieces!

  8. Loved the dress..very Cosmic..but at the same time ethereal...

  9. "trip across the atlantic?" Thought you were in Scotland

    Oh Lawdy that dress!!!! I am stalking it now on asos. You get the most amazing expensive-looking clothes at decent prices. I was scared I'll see $500.

    Happy New Year. God's blessings.

  10. The beaded pink maxi dress is lovely!


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