Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday was packed.com

I had two beach parties, a wedding introduction, the L'espace private viewing and Rhythm Unplugged. However, seeing as I'm not omnipotent, I had to trim my day waaayyy down. The beach parties were definitely out because they involved taking a speedboat really early in the morning and I'd have had to miss Mass, but I managed to divide my time pretty well and I made the other events.

First off was my friend of a friend Esosa's wedding introduction which I headed to straight from church. I haven't driven in about a year and coupled with the fact that I didn't have a license, my driving was stop and quench at first but by the time I hit my very own Route 54 aka Third Mainland Bridge, I'd got my speed demon mojo back and was giving them 120 like nothing shele.

Esosa looked gorge! What is it with brides always looking so beautiful on their intro/trad/white wedding day? Maybe its just the attention that's focused on them that heightens their luminousity, but someone really needs to look into this phenomenon. @TheBlackHermit should investigate.


Came straight from church as I didn't have any time to go ome and change into something more "into appropriate" (whatever that is), I figure my rust ASOS Ponti dress managed to pull its weight.

Chika, Nwabugo,Onyeka

Peep my drop bracelet from my Christmas Wishlist, loveage!

From there I headed to the Island for the L'espace private viewing. L'espace is the brainchild of Isoken Ogiemwonyi and Wonuola Odunsi who also run Le Petit Marche. Its a first of its kind concept store in Nigeria stocking about 35 different brands spanning fashion, beauty and lifestyle services. They carry so many awesome Nigerian brands like Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Rouge Valleri, Eclectic By Sasha, Akpos Okudu, Tote, Motara Thomas, MUD Make-up etc.

It was a really fun evening; beautiful people, beautiful space, delish hors d'oeuvre and cocktails; an all round awesome night.

Guests were not allowed to take pictures of the merchandise and I had to verify that I could take pictures of guests before I did so.

Decided to 'launch' my Virgos Lounge Aggy jacket, banging.com. I got sooo many compliments on it and I'm sure a few new Virgos Lounge converts.

Virgos Lounge Aggy blazer
Topshop matte leather look leggings
Topshop studded velvet smoking slippers
Louis Vuitton Brea MM

I was really excited to run into Onyinye Fafi Obi of the blog Fashion Phoenix and Nneka Ezeaka of Neks2U. Nneka I already know and am friends with but I'd never met Onyinye before even though I'm an avid reader of her blog. Was super stoked to see them.

Nneka, Onyinye

Spent most of the night with my friend Chizoba who I nearly had to hustle out of the store by the end of the night, her chequebook was on fire, signing cheques left and right. She was one of my Virgos Lounge converts.


The label that really surprised me was 'Eclectic By Sasha', I'd never seen it in the flesh and I'd never really thought much of it, but Chizoba bought a few pieces and on her they were absolutely stunning. I took back ever derogatory remark I'd ever passed about them, I was very pleasantly surprised. There's an ankara beach cover-up I have my eye on. Its an ankara print, but the material is soft like....I don't know anything about textiles and stuff so I don't know what its called but its def not regular cotton. Its stretchy like lycra but still in an ankara print. Absolutely beautiful.

Sasha, Chizoba

Also ran into Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Akpos Okudu. My love for Ejiro has been expressed on here several time and an EAT dress was my very first Nigerian label purchase, the girl is fire and an ex QC girl to boot. I met Akpos there for the first time and surprise surprise, she's a TWP fan, I was super excited by that. Her clothes are to die for.

Ejiro, Akpos

From there I headed to Eko Hotel for Rhythm Unplugged, the comedy show. They usually combine comedy and music but in a stroke of financial genius, this year they decided to split the shows into 2. The comedy show on the 18th and the music show on the 23rd, I'm a die-hard Rhythm Unplugged fan so I loyally bought tickets for both shows.

I attended with my girls Nneka and Nwabugo.

Nneka, Nwabugo

Ran into my friend Stella, uber make-up artist and blogger of Stella's Addiction. You might also remember her from my Paris posts, she was a fantastic hostess during my time there.


Despite the financial incentive of splitting both shows into 2 I don't think it was such a good idea because the constant comedy got a bit tedious after a while, I'm sure the producers noticed it because they inserted a few musical performances to liven things up. My favourite, hands down musical performance of the night was by Dru Hill.

Yes Dru Hill.

It was a total shock when they came out, the crowd went APE SHIT.

I screamed like I was still the teenager who was in love with Nokio, I lost my voice that night from screaming. Trust when Thong Song came on, it took an enormous amount of self control not to fling my pata on stage, I was yelling and singing along like an 80s Michael Jackson fan.

Tres blurry, but yeah that's Sisquo in the middle

It took a while to get off that high, best part of my night I tell you.

The host said at the music show on the 23rd there was going to be another surprise. I don't know who else they could possibly bring but my heart can't take another shock like the Dru Hill one, its completely irrelevant to stress now that I'm a huge Dru Hill fan.

Looking forward to the rest of the week and weekend.


Love and light xx


  1. You look great, as does your friend Esosa. I agree. I think trad outfits & the whole "you're an princess/maiden image" on the engagement day makes the gals glow :)

    VL was kuku sold out of that jacket when I wen to buy it. I took it as a sign, lol, I've really over-shopped lately!

    Will definitely be hitting up L'espace & checking out "EbS" & the other stuff. I've only been to LPM once, so this'll be a good chance to shop in a less...crazy space :)

    Welcome Home!

  2. I love that Virgos Lounge jacket!
    I saw you at Rhythm Unplugged but I was too shy to say hello x_x

    had to leave early but I totally lost my voice screaming for sisqo (not dru hill) lol


  3. Your blazer is so pretty and I love Esosa's outfit. She looks great too. Onyinye's dress is nice too.

  4. U look good and the jacket is hot (obviously cos my wife has one too!)but my only critique from a guys pov is that u often have too much makeup on. Try to tone it down small and let ur natural look shine thru.

  5. OMG i saw your pic on seriouslydoughnuts.com

  6. Oh wow! Eseosa is my cousin! Small world!

  7. Aww bless! Maki dearie yes its really a small world. tnx Lamide & Demmy. Thanks 4 coming Adaku, that jacket is beautiful...x


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