Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gidi Girl

Reporting live from Lagos!!

Been back for 3 days now and its been a BLAST. Honestly you'd think I'd been away for 10 years instead of a year judging by my level of excitement at being in Lagos.

I kicked off my wakajugbeness by attending a Christmas party for my old firm ACAS, the day after I got in, forgot my camera so couldn't take any pictures but I had a blast as I always do with my former colleagues. Awesome people.

The next day, Saturday I attended my friend Equi's traditional wedding. It was just like a massive reunion,  we're family friends and have known each other practically since we were born, lived in the same area, attended the same church and when I was little we were all part of this huge clique comprised of the children of our mum's friends. We did everything together. Now we're all old and shit, and everybody's doing their own thing so I haven't seen a lot of them since then but loads were at the wedding, couldn't get pictures of everyone but I had a great time.

Seeing as I got into Lagos barely 2 days before the wedding, I couldn't find a tailor to fix up my aso-ebi so I wore this blindingly pink abaya I got at some random store in Dubai.

I was a bit heavy handed with the smokey eye, especially for daytime but I forgot my Mac shadows and had to make do with some strange teenage brand my 14 year old sister plays around with. Needless to say I won't be trying that again.

I attended it with Mrs. U, her equally formidable sister Mrs. N and my friends Onyeka and Chika who were spending the weekend at mine.

Onyeka, Chika

Equi looked soooo beautiful, this picture didn't even do her justice, the child was a vision.

My boo Gina was there with her baby who I hadn't seen yet, she had on the cutest ankara dress. My baby hunger has been simmering under the surface for a while now but the minute I saw her it flared right back up.

Damn I want a a baby.

My legion of family friends were running riot, it brought back so many memories. All the parties we had, the overlapping crushes everybody had with everyone else, the fights, the setting p in church after Mass (St. Leo's church was the ultimate hook-up joint when I was young).......

*sigh* Nolstagia is a female dog

I thank God my mother was such a social butterfly because her circle gave me friends for life.

Jibby and Isoken

Nnamdi, Chuchu, Uche

They're so tall, love it!

Good times....

Love and light xx


  1. Wow! those guys are iroko trees for them to be taller than you + your heels (you wore heels right?...Gidi girl! I wonder what its going to be like for me when I go back to Abuja..

  2. Lol @ Iroko tree. CHILL. I wore flats and I'm 6ft so they're probably about 6'3, 6'4. LOL.

  3. OMG You know Chudi...small world....love ur blog!

  4. I envy you! Still stuck in cold DC. I need to hang out with you when I get home. *sigh*

  5. You looked amazeee! Love that outfit and the color is totally my thing. I need to learn how to do the smokey eye look. It always looks so fab on folks...*cough* Youtube tutorial? *cough*

    Meanwooos, who is Chuchu? Is he looking for a sugar mommy? :D

  6. Your pink number is beauuuuutiful! U have great eye for these things!

  7. I love your outfit! You look stunning. Bride looked gorgeous as well.

  8. You look stunning! Enjoy Nigeria I am very jealous that everyone is there this Xmas x

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  10. Your dress is really pretty and those guys are really tall. That baby is so cute.

  11. Those guys are hot!!! + they are igbo..*dreamy sigh* lol. You looked fab! The abaya and the hair braided. Nice!

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  13. Nne biko i want ur dress badddddd! Serious, i will pay double to buy it off u! Or if u'll be stopping over Dubai or something before heading back home. I live in the US. Really interested. Or is there somewhere i can get it online?

    Good gracious! Its glorious!

  14. Hahaha!!! You've gotta be kidding me! I used to go to St Leo's church!!! In fact, I attended St Leo's school!!! Small small small world!!!!!!

  15. You look good still. Glad you are enjoying. Your mum's skin is so nice.
    Merry Christmas. And on a totally related note, those boys look like they would be good potential husbands. *cough*

  16. I really really really looove that abaya..I want one, but im not in dubai :(...Gosh its soooo pretty!

  17. Just waltzed down here (with my laptop this time) to view C̶h̶u̶C̶h̶u̶ this post again...

    Btw, I forgot to mention the ladies in the last picture seem to be full of admiration.

    Okay bye..
    Love n Light..x

  18. The bride looks soooo beautifullll....where is nkem in this pic...lol!

  19. The abaya worked out wonderfully... and now you've made me homesick :(

  20. Just have to say. You look absolutely stunning ^_^

  21. your abaya is absolutely STUNNING!!! love it! and i love how you rock your heels. I'm almost 6ft tall as well and believe me, i feel wierd wearing heels.

  22. *cough* soooo chuchu...what's the info? in short this is a bbm gist

    and you know Gina? small world..I went to secondary school with her

    and of course you look fabulous in every outfit...

  23. you looked amazing. your abaya is lovely... i never find the colored ones, just black with colored embroidery :(

  24. Hmmmm, dis chuchu dude is HAWT!!!, phone no., address, email addy, bb pin, twitter handle etc,??? Pls I need need it. Lol


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