Monday, June 27, 2011

Sales, Monochrome and Regiments

Whenever I find a store I have deep love for, I make friends with the salespeople, register for email updates....anything to get extra service. A few weeks ago the darlings at Zara in Union Square informed me that Zara was going on sale on the 23rd of June from 9am, the inside info though was that the entire sale collection would be up online at 5am on the same day, since I wasn't up to wrestling with the crazy people I knew would be lining up outside at 9am, I decided to shop from my bed instead.

There were only two things I wanted from that sale;


And this

On the 22nd, I set my alarm, slept with my laptop beside me, prayed that I would wake up early the next morning but as usual Sod's Law was at work and I woke up at 6am, I was still hoping that what I wanted would still be there, no such luck....the blazer was gone baby gone, managed to get the skirt though but that blazer wanna pain me die.

In the first place the original price was 119 pounds and I'll cut my left breast before I pay over a 100 pounds for an item of clothing I probably won't wear more than twice a year. Clothes are something I don't like to spend too much money on, I literally have clothes I've worn only once and I know I'll never wear again, why spend hundreds of pounds on something as flimsy as an outfit? The only things I can bust the bank for are handbags, shoes and sunglasses, when it comes to the preceding, brand names and cost are no deterrent to my spending ability. Clothes however are dynamic and in 6 months the trend will change again, no need wasting money on something that is so unstable.

Back to my topic, in the sale the blazer had been reduced to 69.99, not ideal but infinitely more reasonable. Unfortunately an eagle eyed fashionista who pays more attention to her alarm clock than I do managed to wake up before me and steal my blazer.

Managed to assuage the pain of my loss by going to London the next day for a weekend with my nearest and dearest.

I know I've definitely stopped growing but its like my head didn't get the memo, the thing dey fear me.

I kicked off my weekend by losing my camera, yes my darlings my faithful Canon camera was appropriated. Its so annoying because its the kind of loss that you can't pinpoint the exact time and place it went missing, one minute I had it, the next....poof. I mean, Daks is to her camera the way boli is to groundnut, you can't see one without seeing the other, the whole weekend I literally felt like I'd lost a limb.

Strangely I didn't cry even though that is a normal progression for me, I cry therefore I am.

I put the word out anyway so a camera could be added to my birthday wishlist, a list that has had scorn poured on it from all ends. My friends have insulted me and called me all sorts of names, Himself googled the price of a Chanel 2.55 and took out 15 minutes out of His busy schedule to laugh at me and the cruellest dagger of all, my darling daddy. I sent him the link to the list and added that of course I know he won't have time to do the necessary needful but I could save him all that stress if he just enhanced my account with the money and I would just buy the item(s) myself. Our convo went like this:

Mr. U: "Is this a landmark birthday!!"

TWP: *quaking even though the man is on another continent* "No daddy but every birthday is important don't you think".

Mr. U: "Do you know the last time I celebrated my own birthday, do you think I even remember my own birthday". (Its not even a joke, dude never remembers his birthday)

TWP: "Yes daddy I know, but its for me, biko nu" (I threw in the Igbo because he loves it when I revert to Ada mazi mode)

Mr. U: "Why do you want this bag, are your other ones stolen?"

TWP: "No daddy, but its an iconic bag"

Mr. U: "Iconic!!!" (I think at this juncture his blood pressure started to go up)


TWP: "Daddy, daddy...."

Na so my papa take drop phone for my is well.

Anyhoo, the minute I landed Obodo nke Eliza, I was off to be reunited with Himself, it was very movie-like wallahi, we arranged to meet up at Victoria Station, "No-one" by Alicia Keys was playing over the speakers and we were both running towards each other from opposite ends......well I ran, He just stood there feeling like a boss with Himself, I have no shame sha so I didn't mind.

Later that evening, I and Himself attended the Honourable Artillery Company Flank Companies Ball, the Honourable Artillery Company is the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army so trust them to throw a hell of a shindig. There were loads of activities, fireworks, parachuting, a mini fair, standard lems.....the works. Managed to get pictures of the Navy Helicopter, the grounds and the fireworks display. Couldn't get a good picture of the mentallers parachuting though, they jumped at night and even though they had LED lights on their uniforms they didn't show up clearly in my photos.

Jessica, the girlfriend of the bestfriend of Himself. It was only after I took this picture that I realised how Kate Middleton-like it looked.

Thought I'd give them all black thinking it would be a rather solemn affair, I was so wrong. Legs were on display, cleavage was spilling out, tans were on orange alert, babes came out with red eye to land themselves Royal Army husbands.

One of my newest and favourite accesories, this 1920's looking, vintage inspired purse, beads, fringe, tassels, metal clasp, chain strap...miaow.


*sidebar* Notice I said "vintage-inspired" not "vintage' which according to Wikipedia usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era. If it is new, people please, it is not vintage. Clothing which was produced before the 1920's is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920's to 1980's is considered vintage. Clothing produced more recently is usually called modern or contemporary fashion.

Opinions on these definitions vary, but these are the most generally accepted ones, if something looks quirky or non-conformist but you bought it at H&M yesterday....not vintage. Even if you bought it at a charity shop, that's just bend down shopping, buying second-hand items.....not vintage. Some of these stores carry authentic vintage items but they're very rare.

Please get it right.

All in all it was a super fun night, pictures from the wedding going up tomorrow.

Love and light xx

p.s. TWP was nominated for a Nigerian Blog Award for best Fashion or Style Blog, thank you to all the gorgeous people that nominated me, you can vote for me to win HERE, fill in your name and email address, a confirmation email will be sent to you and you can follow the instructions from there.

Sisi Yemmie is seriously pulling a Beyonce, I think she has the most nominations, please vote for her, and vote for Stellas Addiction for Best Beauty Blog too.


p.s. again. Turns out I forgot to credit Wikipedia, thank you Anon for pointing that out, not about to get shopped for plagiarism.


  1. U look stunning! Always looking fab! That black dress is stunning sha, Unfortunately we are not the same size! :( Congrats on your nomination!!!

  2. lol @ "are your other ones stolen" hehehe

  3. Looool lurv this post! Its rlly annoyin when you desire something, wait for it to go on sale and yet you miss it....went to this shop some days ago just to get these jeans that just went up on sale, amazin butt enhancin jeans and it was GONE just like tht.....kept on sayin "r u kiddin me or summin" lol another sista is there rockin my jeans mschew!

  4. LOL! Daks! You are just wonderful! Lol...your dad and my dad? 2 peas in a pod mate...i dont send wish ists his way anymore LOL.

    The bit about you and 'himself' at the train station...too cute!!!

    That blazer is BAD tho...WHAT! I can imagine the damage i cud cause in such a garment! *sigh*

    U say love and light...i say hugz and kisses ^_^

  5. Very intersting read, as always. Oh..i just voted for you and Sis Yemmie too.

  6. Nyc post!my eyes were glued till I finished reading :)
    About vintage, LOL, some serious point to be noted. Am saying a wish.. Let Adaku's wishes come true! Xxx

  7. you didnt show us the picture of HIMSELF :(

  8. @Yemmie, thanks babe. Ah if we were the same size wetin for happen before? Lol

    @ChicTherapy, my dear o, I tire. Congrats on your nom

    @MissT, annoying doesn't even begin to describe it, I was seriously pissed.

    @OyeT, mwah, lurr you too babe. I sincerely doubt our dads are similar, one week exchange lets find out.

    @GorgeousSpice, Himself is The Boyfriend

    @MissAma, thanks a whole lot.

    @Uduak, thank you dear. I say Amen to that, lol

    @Anon, hahahahaha. He's like a ghost, He doesn't show up in pictures.

  9. funny post and your outfits are always on point. btw please let 'HIMSELF' show up in a pic someday o. even if it is blurry, we wanna see.
    voted for you :-)

  10. thanks for the 'vintage' lesson. people are so quick to throw the word around. u look fab as usual

  11. Nne, you are really one of my favs. That little blurb about Vintage vs Vintage Inspired is going on my fb wall and twirra. Biko o, people...everything is not vintage. I have stopped going on certain blogs because of this vintage crap going around these days. Everybody claiming they are wearing vintage pieces...errybody.

  12. Why do you refer to your boyfriend as 'Himself'? it's very disconcerting. Maybe an initial would be more suitable.


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