Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End Of The Weekend

Seeing as I hardly ever pout and i refuse to carry last, here it is, me pouting for Imo State...mwah!


Today I received one of my birthday presents to myself.....drumroll please..............


And not just any old "4", the deluxe version with 2 cd's and 6 extra songs. I hardly buy music, I know this is terrible because I listen to music a lot but I always think why buy something that you can get for free, no? But with the artistes that are near and dear to my heart I like to ensure that their money gets to them, so even though I'd downloaded the entire album weeks ago and know all my favourite songs by heart, I still pre-ordered it from Amazon, for my darling Beyonce, its Number 1 or bust. The only other album I've bought this year is Chris Brown's "Fame", which is another absolute cracker, great records after the other.

The best song on "4' is "Party", that song is an absolute jam, seeing as Kanye Wes co-wrote it I'm not surprised, "Best i Never Had" is pretty great too, and "Start Over".

Happy birthday in advance to me!

I've been on a bit of a blogging spree, which is very unlike me. In the old days i used to go weeks without updating, months even, but now I update at least twice a week. I attribute this to the fact that I have oodles of free time now, when I first started blogging I was in Law School and had classes five days a week plus the horrors of the Bar exam to look forward to, plus dealing with crap Bwari internet. After that I was working in a Law Firm and battling with traffic, going to court, nutty clients and crap Lagos internet. Fast forward to 2011 and I have classes twice a week, no siblings to look after, no more traffic, 24/7 electricity and phenomenal internet....what else can I do but blog?

Had brunch on Sunday with my harem at a spot called Caravan, which turned out to be a very trendy and popular place for brunch, so trendy that we couldn't get a table for over an hour. The wait was well worth it though because the food was pretty awesome.

You know wherever there's food there you shall find TWP, steadily eating my way across the United Kingdom.

Tried to do a typical "blogger" pose and failed misereably, think I'll just stick to my signature hands on hips with a smile stance. Why fix it when it aint broke?

Bugo Trying to hide the twins with that scarf, I see you.......

Remz Who just confessed that she would not be around on my birthday, I know I told you its alright but I'm PISSED dammnit!

My love Mrs. O and her sister Kiana

Mrs. O's "converted" Louis Vuitton clutch. I say converted because it actually used to be her father's man-bag which she appropriated and removed the strap, turning it into a clutch. when I first saw it I was like Ediri has done it again, trust her to have an LV Monogram Canvas clutch I'd never seen (Diri stays fabulous for real), then she revealed that its actually a man-bag. I was tres impressed, the picture doesn't even do it justice, it totally stands out.


All in all I had a fun weekend, renewed all my long distance friendships, saw people I hadn't seen since secondary school, ate good food (of course)........good times.

I really think I should go on some sort of hiatus....or then again maybe not, I have a couple of guest blogs from my resident Man Blogger/Daks Basher that I'll be posting in a few days, so it will be less pictures and more words (did I hear sighs of relief?).

Till then...

Love and light xxx


  1. Sealed. Nice outfit. Girl ur blog is flogging hoes. keep em coming, we readn em. Best of luck. Hope u win best naija blogger.

  2. Am officially addicted to this blog! Loves it. :)

  3. Love the regular updates. Caravan in Exmouth Market is great! Sometimes I think part of the appeal of living in London is queuing to get into great places.

  4. Wow that's a lovely bag, I have several man bags like that. That's a very nice outfit but who couldn't love a girl in yellow. You rock! Keep it up! I hope you get lots of lovely presents for your birthday.

  5. The hunger that day ehn!my eyes were rolling inside out..whattt!
    Remz isn't going to be around? :( oh well, we'll have fun and send her the pics :)
    BTW, i'm going to start carrying shawl every time i'm with you since i can't seem to escape your hovering eyes

  6. Lol! Please keep eating oh! And you look awesome.

    The Corner Shop

  7. Nne this ya pout ehn kwa.......

    And who said we want words??????



  8. Loving this outfit! You look so fresh and vibrant in yellow. LOL @ the "Blogger Pose" :p


  9. Gotta love your friend in all her full-figured gorgeousness! Why cant I learn to be like that, instead of always worrying about chicken wings and thunder thighs?


  11. Nice outfit, me like the hungry for

  12. That Man bag turned clutch is the truth! LOVE IT!

  13. Adore your blog! You have me rolling for days. One tiny observation: You say "I and *insert name*" instead of "*insert name* and I". Just wanted to point that out.

    Let the good times roll!

  14. ilooooove ur blog adaku...its beeeen almst ayear now and counting.....sigh.bless u babes

  15. Omg i just noticed a woman wearing a wrapper behind u in the first picture. Nice post btw


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