Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eznira Vintage Fair

Getting tired of your own clothes? Ever wondered what it would be like to raid someone else’s fab wardrobe? Well here’s your chance

This is how it works, each person drops off a minimum of 5 items(cloths, shoes, bags, accessories) from their wardrobes with one of the reps before the swap date.( Feel free to bring your parents fabulous clothes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to swap too).

They will also have a vintage stand where beautiful vintage and vintage inspired dresses, jackets and accessories will be sold.

Swapping is FREE, and there will be seamstresses at the fair to assist if clothes need altering. (this service is not free)

If you have not donated items you will not be eligible to swap but you can still buy stuff from their vintage stand.

They reserve the right to reject items which are in bad condition i.e torn, dirty or faded.

All Items left behind left behind will be donated to charity

The fair will run from 11am to 5pm on the 12th of june at No24b Abayomi Shonuga Crescent Lekki phs 1'


  1. good to see swapping clothes is finding it's way to Lagos. Why shop when you can swap??


  2. Wow, that is such a great idea!


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