Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post 2001-Wedding/Reunion

Erenma, Hilda, Funke, Dunsi, Nwabugo, Shalewa. QCY Class of 2001 lineup, well except the impostor beside me, Remz didn't go to QC

I'm a Cancer so constant nostalgia is in my blood, I can't help it, I'm firmly rooted in the past. I'm pretty sure I hated secondary school but now when I think of it, its with rose-coloured memories; entertainment nights, bathing at slabs, faking illnesses so I could get exeats, bailing out of school, buying turkey at back gate, tonging my hair for inter-house sports and wondering if any boys would speak to me, crossing over for prep or meals, buying indomie from staff quarters and eating it on the field in the dead of night (that was madness), interact club functions........

I only remember the good stuff and force myself to forget things like serving punishments, fetching water for seniors and they always had those heavy as hell iron buckets that would mark your palms for days, being homesick, eating crappy food, portion work and the absolute worst, washing toilets....

*sidebar* If you're sensitive I suggest you clock out now because I really need to ask my QC girls a question, how on earth did poo get on the walls of the toilets? Did people do number 2 then use their hands to smear it on the walls? I always wondered. QC toilets were so traumatic for me that till date I keep my bathroom so clean you could eat off the floor, guys who used to thirst after QC girls would have been flabbergasted if they could have seen the state of our bathrooms. Seriously nasty.

Anyhoo filthiness aside and in spite of its horrors QC was a pretty fun place to spend 5 years.

On Saturday we assembled for Ayomide Adeleke, now Popoola's wedding, as a confirmed wedding hater, I only make exceptions for close friends and family, I don't do all that attache wedding nonsense. It was FUN FUN FUN, even though it took us almost 3 hours to get to the venue, most of the lines on the Underground were down last weekend so everybody in London decided to rev up their engines and take to the streets, causing massive traffic jams everywhere, the heatwave didn't even help matters. If not for Milk of Magnesium and MakeUp Forever foundation all my make-up would have melted off by the time I got there.

I think this was when she was about to toss the bouquet, I refused to even show face for it, At my friend Ediri's wedding, July 10th 2010, I caught the bouquet, today June 28th 2011, almost a year later and still a Miss, I refuse to even be in the same vicinity as a bridal bouquet, that ish is cursed.

If you look behind me you'll spot my friend Nwabugo and her impressive rack, she used boobage to oppress me all day, I was so jealous I kept tossing small items into her cleavage to see if they'd stick, nothing ever came back out. Bugo's cleavage is like the Bermuda triangle, I'm convinced my camera is in there.


Hilda Who generously housed I and Bugo for the duration of our visit.



Funke, Toyin and Shally

Yes, those thick thighs are what lurk beneath my size 10 dresses, who'da thunk it? I have the most disgraceful ashewo body (as my mum calls it). My standard size is a US6 and a UK10 but I've been known to fit into an 8 and a 12 and on one memorable occassion, a 6(UK sizes). This comes from the fact that I have really special statistics, I'm tall, dark-skinned, "choncherry", born in July......


I couldn't help it, that MBGN video gives me life for real.

Ok, my statistics are 34-26-42, you see how warped that is. Most clothes with 26 inch waists usually come with 35 or 36 inch hip sizes, so my overall dress size tends to vary or I have to buy a much bigger size, such as a 14 to accommodate my hips, then amend the waist so my top half doesn't swim in it. Adding the fact that I'm seriously tall does not help matters at all.

When I grow up, its going to be haute-couture all the way, Alber Elbaz is going to be stitching clothes personally for me, Amen.

The dress I'm wearing above is one of my Zara finds (have I mentioned how much I love Zara? Maybe 1 or 2 times) and it incorporates a massive trend for 2011, thigh high slits. The sexiness of a maxi dress where you can also show some leg, #winning on all counts. I'm constantly trawling the internet searching for dresses with slits, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My favourite interpretations so far have been by Michael Kors.

I love the pink one, the black one looks a bit American Apparel/DIYish so if I had to choose, I'd go with the pink. Michael Kors isn't wildly expensive so hopefully I might be able to take this baby home sometime this year.

We were going to go out later that night but due to old age decided that we'd rather go to bed instead. I'm so shocked at myself, in my partying heydey, I was known for going out the night before an exam, getting back home only to shower and head out to the exam hall. I've really changed o, I've swapped miniskirts for sweatpants and crop tops for oversized t-shirts, loud music for Seinfeld and tequila shots for Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream.


Had brunch with my girls the next day, pictures going up tomorrow.

Love and light xx


  1. Lol. about poop on d wall, I wondered same too! Disgusting I tell you. U guys sure had fun.. Reunions can be fun. I see shally :)

  2. LMAO at Nwabugo's cleavage! Hilarious!!

  3. err...I don't know how/when bugo's boobies got so big. Infact, my mum had to ask 'onye di ihe a' and added 'o gosikwa ala ya' pointing at the cleavage. Btw, you guys all look FAB!

  4. lmao!isi gini? the camera is where?buhahahaha..you are so silly!
    BTW, see how you just described our Alma Mater (ewwwww)..let Marinho/Euler-Ajayi/Sojinrin hear you! The wedding was a fun fun day, Ayomide looked so gorgeous and it was so nice seeing Dunsi after almost 12years! *sigh* Nice reunion, good food...

  5. Lovely read, you look gorge!! x

  6. hahahaha the MBGN clip, so hilarious and for some reason cant find it again!!!
    ps: QC girls are awwwright but impostor I ain't!

  7. Awwwww..... i know that nostalgic feeling dear. was in Lagos for my classmate's wedding and it felt so good to see most of my classmates i hadn't seen in 10 years!!
    As for the back gate turkey and stuff, believe it or not my mouth watered...smh... i sure miss QC days of sitting on the field at night (during prep) eating indomie with our eyes roaming the field hoping we don't get caught.... Nice one..!!


    reunions are always nice..

  9. awwwwwwwwwww, the dimpled one is taken!!!!!!!
    men, we need to have a reunion everytime i am in a gethering with qc babes, i am almost on top of the world

  10. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

    Tell your friend to produce your camera sharp sharp or one of the boobs will disappear.

    You are jokes man.

    Totally heart your blog

  11. Love the dress. Poshbug's too, but I think the fringe weave might have suited you better? No? Either way, you have great style and your makeup is always flawless. It needs a post on its own.

  12. hahahahahaha at Nwabugo's cleavage...!

  13. But why did you have to open our nyash outside like that ehn?
    Now people outside know what the walls of our toilets were like.
    Obi girls please hide yourselves in shame. Thankfully i never had to do toilet work ( i was a day girl for the most part) But still QC days were good days.

    My addiction to back gate turkey got so bad that the driver had to report me to my father. Oversabi.


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